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Faith Building Fridays: Full

For I am full of words;
the Spirit within me compels me.
-Job 32:18, NKJV

Have you felt it? That tugging in your heart, that burning fire inside compelling you to write? Have you felt so full of words that you’ll burst if you don’t put pen to paper and write? Write, fellow scribe! Don’t ignore those promptings of the Holy Spirit. Flow with the anointing upon you. And write!

Ah Lord God! How Your words burn within me! Give me the discernment to write these words down with wisdom. Give me the love to write these words down with conviction. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


For more faith-building encouragement as a writer, visit my site, Scribes.

Scribes: Devotions for Christian Writers is available at Amazon. What a great gift of encouragement for you to have to start a brand new year as a writer! Add it to your Christmas wish list today.

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A Special Day


Do you know what today is? It’s a special day! A brand new event!

It’s Bring Your Bible to School Day!

When I found out that this was the second year in a row that this event is being hosted all across America, I wished I had a school I could go to just to take part! But then I heard folks talking about how we could bring our Bible to Facebook or to our blogs, so I got excited about joining in on the fun.

You see, when I was a kid, I remember staying inside for recess one day in my fifth grade homeroom. I grew up in PA and it must have been too cold to go out that day. My teacher was sitting at her desk reading.

I loved my teacher and I loved reading, so I sidled up next to her at her desk and asked her what she was reading. “My Bible,” she gently explained. “I love to read it every day.”


That impacted me big time. So much so that when I got to junior high and became a Christian, I started to read my Bible every day, too. And I got such a hunger for reading the Bible that it was only natural for me to carry it in my backpack and read it any time I had a break, too. The Bible encouraged me. It helped me through many difficult days. It reassured me of God’s love for me. It taught me right from wrong.

In fact, many of my friends would see me reading my Bible at school and would ask about it. I’d share with them something wonderful I was reading and they’d get encouraged, too.

I never thought about it…it was just a natural part of my growing up. I carried my Bible with me all the way up through high school, too. I carried it with me when I was in college. And when I was working as a camp counselor for public school outdoor education, I carried it with me to read on my breaks as well. In fact, my husband shares how before we discovered we liked each other, he always knew I was nearby when he’d see my Bible on one of the little end tables in the break room. (He was my boss, lol.)

I still read my Bible every day. It feeds me. It sustains me. And still after all these years it encourages me and shines a light on the dark path in front of me. It defines me as a writer and as a person in this crazy world today.

So in honor of today’s event, I thought I’d share a couple of my favorite verses with you. And if you’d like to join in the celebration, post some of your favorite Scriptures on your social media sites, too!

Oh, how I love Your law!
It is my mediation all the day.
-Psalm 119:97

Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light to my path.
-Psalm 119:105



(Here’s a photo of my cat Pitterpat trying to choose which Bible story book she’d like to take today!)

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Nonfiction for Children’s Magazines: The Topic


I hope you’re going to join me in writing a nonfiction article to submit to a children’s magazine. Or if you’re not going to actually write one right now because your schedule is too jam-packed, you can at least follow along to see the steps I take as a working writer so when you’re ready to write your nonfiction article, you can use these to follow as a guide.

One of the main reasons I wanted to write a nonfiction article right now is because I have a TOPIC I want to write about.

For example, I’ve written nonfiction articles for this magazine before. One of my favorites was called BLUE RIBBON MAMA where I shared with kids why a mother alligator should get the Mother’s Day award for being such a good mama! (Do you like the great sign I saw about alligators when we were down in Texas a couple of weeks ago for the NF4NF Conference?! I just had to take a picture of it.)

Where did I get my idea for my topic?

I have been working on a nonfiction picture book. I had just researched a topic I had never researched before. While this information was fresh in my mind, I wanted to use it for something else and get extra mileage for all the hard work I’ve been doing.

Plus, one of my critique group buddies (you know who you are!) had suggested I use a portion of my manuscript that didn’t seem to fit (yes, I had to cut it…ouch!) and recycle it as part of an article for this particular children’s magazine.

So I’m taking her advice and doing it!

All that to say, do you have a TOPIC you’d like to write about for a nonfiction article in a children’s magazine?

If so, great!

If not, go ahead and pick 1-3 potential ideas.

*Perhaps you’ve already researched a topic and would like to get extra mileage from all the hard work you did on that topic.

*Perhaps you’re working on a book manuscript right now that needs research on a certain topic but you just haven’t gotten around to doing that research yet. You could choose that topic to write about in a nonfiction magazine article, research that topic, and then use that research in your book manuscript, too.

*Perhaps you have no clue what you’d like to write about.

No worries! We’ll be talking about topics in an upcoming post so hang in there and see if our discussion will jumpstart some ideas for you! I’ll tell you the name of the magazine I’m writing for, too, so you can see if your topic is a good fit for that same magazine, too.

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Nonfiction for Children’s Magazines: Join Me in the Journey!


I sat down this morning to start a new manuscript. It’s a nonfiction article for a children’s magazine.

I gathered all my materials and got settled down to get started.

And then I had a lightbulb moment.


Would you like to follow along and write a nonfiction article to submit to a children’s magazine, too?

I’ll show you step-by-step the process I go through. You can write one while I write one and then you can submit it to the same magazine I’m submitting to or you can submit it to the children’s magazine of your choice.

I mean, it’s no fun to go on a cruise all by yourself, right?! (Do you like this photo of a cruise ship I took when I was riding the ferry down at Galveston, Texas?) I thought it would be much more fun to do this together!

So get out your pens and pencils. Put on your thinking cap. And join me in the journey ahead if you’d like to write and submit a nonfiction article to a children’s magazine!

We’ll get started in my very next post.

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Faith Building Fridays: Proclaim!

Sing to the Lord; bless his name.
Each day proclaim the good news that he saves.
Publish his glorious deeds among the nations.
Tell everyone about the amazing things he does.
Great is the Lord!
He is most worthy of praise!
-Psalm 96:2-4, NLT

The Lord is worthy! Let us join together to proclaim the wonderful news that He saves! Let us work hard as His scribes to publish words declaring His amazing deeds!

Oh Glorious One! You are worthy to be praised. We praise and adore Your holy name. We sing unto You a new song today. Amen and amen!


For more faith-building encouragement as a writer, visit my site, Scribes.

Scribes: Devotions for Christian Writers is available at Amazon. What a great gift of encouragement for you to have to start a brand new year as a writer! Add it to your Christmas wish list today.

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NF4NF 2016: Be there!


Yesterday I shared links to a list of publishers that I was given when I attended and taught at the NF4NF Conference in Houston, hosted by the wonderful Pat Miller. In that post I mentioned that this conference was “amazing” and that it was the “best” I’ve ever been to.

Today I want to share the details. The nitty gritty. The nuts and bolts. Why did I say that? First of all, let me give you some background. I’ve taught at SCBWI Nationals, SCBWI regional conferences, and Christian conferences near Los Angeles and in Philadelphia. They’ve all been great.

But NF4NF was special. Different. First of all, what does NF4NF stand for? NonFiction for New Folks. So if you’re just starting to get your feet wet as a children’s writer in general or as a nonfiction writer for children, you’ll feel right at home. But I found as a professional that there were many “aha!” moments where I LEARNED a strategy that addresses issues I’ve been struggling with to take my writing to the next level. In other words, the TEACHING from all the various faculty was very practical and applicable.

One of the attendees put it perfectly when she shared how she always feels so lost at a conference. So many people. So many crowds. So impersonal and so competitive. Not so here at NF4NF, she shared! And I agree. Size is limited so the conference is kept small. You get to connect with everyone there. It felt like family!

But the sense of community didn’t stop at the conference. We have a secret Facebook group (shhhh! don’t tell anyone) led by our awesome conference leader Pat Miller where more strategies and tips and links and perks are flying around as people are supporting and encouraging each other towards success as writers.

And it was fun! There was line dancing. (We were in Texas, remember?!) And a fun game called “Contract.” (I was the loser of the entire game, lol!) And piles of gorgeous nonfiction picture books we all had lots and lots of chances to win along with other prizes like beautiful artist journals to sketch our brainstorming ideas in.

Yes, pampering. I felt like I was at a spa for writers. When we arrived at the “classroom” our first morning we were given a composition notebook with a handcrafted scrapbook cover that decorated the front to take our notes. We were given bookmarks decorated with beads. All through the conference, we were given motivational and inspirational talks by our beloved conference leader Pat Miller to follow our theme and ignite our fire for writing.

Get this. There was a LIBRARY of 200 hand-picked best of the best nonfiction children’s books for us to browse through and borrow and learn from during the conference, along with a list of these titles to take home so we can continue the learning! We got handouts like the one listing the current trade book publishers who accept unsolicited manuscript that I shared in my post yesterday here on my blog. And much, much more! These resources are impacting my career as a writer. Yay!

So what are you waiting for?!!! Hop right on over to the site of the NF4NF conference and sign up for updates so you can learn the details about next year’s conference as they come out.

Because if you’re someone who likes to attend a writer’s conference every year, be sure you put this one at the top of your list. And if you’re someone who wishes you could go to a writer’s conference, start saving your money today so you can go. (If you just put $5 in an envelope every single day, in 6 months you’ll have almost a thousand dollars! Skip a coffee or soda each day and save that cash for a good investment!)

I feel like I should add a disclaimer. You know how bloggers put at the bottom of a glowing report on a product that they received the product for free in exchange for their honest opinion? Well, I didn’t do anything like that to make me say this in my post. It’s just that I discovered the golden ticket, a diamond mine, and a buried treasure chest all wrapped up together in this conference for nonfiction children’s writers.

Why am I sharing this? Because I want YOU to experience success as a writer. As I explained at the conference during one of the sessions when I taught, I am a living example that YOU can experience success as a writer. When I started writing, I did everything wrong. How wrong you may ask?

For my first manuscript submission…
I wrote it out by hand…
on lined notebook paper…
in red pen!


And to make matters worse, I dug around and found the address of an author I admired. Because I thought…hey! She got her book published. She could publish my book, too!


In other words, I learned everything the hard way, inch by inch and step by step. But I’ve experienced success in my writing career and I know you can too. I’m confident of it!!!!

And the NF4NF Conference is a great launchpad to help you on your way.

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Good News for Children’s Writers!!!!


A week and a half ago, my husband Jeff and I packed our bags for Houston and headed to the airport early in the morning only to find out that the entire airport terminal was closed because of a bomb scare! Flashing lights. Police dogs. Helicopters. And crowds of people lugging suitcases standing at a “safe” distance. As we joined the crowd, workers informed us that a police dog had discovered a suspicious suitcase and given the signal for danger.

Well…that was quite a start for our trip, but I’m happy to say that after an hour of investigation they opened the airport and we made it to Houston safe and sound without even missing our connecting flight.

Why were we going to Houston? To attend Pat Miller’s amazing conference for nonfiction children’s writers, NF4NF. I was honored to be part of the faculty.

And boy, am I glad I got to go. Not only was it THE BEST conference I’ve ever attended, I came away with a sense of more hope for us as children’s writers than I’ve had in years.

You see, in recent years when I’ve taught in writing conferences and critiqued manuscripts for children’s writers, when it comes to submitting our manuscripts, I’ve had to paint a bleak picture. Most publishers were requiring agents. The overwhelming process of submission seemed doubly intimidating if not even impossible.

But I am happy to report that is not the case any more! Right now in the children’s industry there are a significant number of big name publishers who have an open door policy for unsolicited submissions. So for those writers who don’t have agents, this is good, good news. In fact this is GREAT NEWS.

The catch is that you do have to do your homework first. Some only take picture book submissions and not children’s novels. Some only take unsolicited submissions if you’ve already been published. Some are very very specific about what they accept and what they don’t. So click on each link to see if it’s a fit for your manuscript. And if it is, then submit! Yay!!! And do a happy dance because this is a wonderful opportunity right now for YOU!

Here is the list of trade book publishers that Pat Miller, the fearless and amazing leader of the NF4NF conference, gave each of us:


Arthur A. Levine Books

Albert Whitman and Co.

Boyds Mills Press


Chronicle Books

Creston Books

Eerdmans Books for Young Readers

Holiday House Publishers

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Children

Ideals Publication

Kane Miller

Lee and Low

Peachtree Children’s Books

Isn’t that a great list? Now we have oodles of opportunity to submit our manuscripts in the trade book market!

But wait…there’s more!

If you’ve been following along with my blog this summer you know we’ve talked about all the great opportunity to submit manuscripts in the educational market as well! You can find a list of these publishers at Ev Christensen’s amazing site:


So what are you waiting for?!!! Get out there and submit your children’s manuscript today.

And while you’re at it, be sure you sign up on Pat Miller’s website so you can get updates on next year’s 2016 NF4NF conference because YOU…WILL…WANT…TO…GO! It’s that amazing!

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Free Giveaway Raffle!

Cover lo res

Announcing a Brand New Release:

I’m excited to share that the second set of early readers I wrote has been released in the One Sentence Storybook series.

And guess what?!!!

If you hurry up and hop on over to the site of the blog, My Joy-Filled Life, you can enter for the chance to win this set PLUS the first set in the series, One Sentence Storybooks: Bible Favorites.

Be sure to get these books if you have a child of your own who is learning to read.
Be sure to grab these books if you have a grandchild or niece or nephew who is learning to read. And be sure to buy these books if you’re a home-schooling family or a teacher or librarian at a Christian school where young children are learning to read.

There’s something very unique and special about these little gems. Kids grab them and say, “Look! I’m reading!” But not only is their confidence soaring because of the unique vocabulary-art match and sentence structure that builds in a repetitive way, each book shares a Bible story along with a lesson to teach little hearts about God’s Truth. It’s a win-win combination.

These books make great gifts at baby showers. I’ve found they’re also a great witnessing tool to give to friends and neighbors for families that you’ve been praying about sharing your faith with. Most people are thrilled to see their little ones reading these Bible stories even if they don’t go to church!

To learn more about the One Sentence Bible Stories, CLICK HERE to read an author interview on the publisher’s blog.

And CLICK HERE to learn what even more parents are saying about these books!

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Faith Building Fridays: Trust

[God] said to me, “You are my servant
and you will bring me glory.”
I replied, “But my work all seems so useless!
I have spent my strength for nothing
and to no purpose at all.
Yet I leave it all in the Lord’s hand;
I will trust God for my reward.”
And now the Lord speaks–
He who formed me in my mother’s womb
to be his servant,
who commissioned me to bring his people
of Israel back to him.
The Lord has honored me,
and my God has given me strength.
He says, “You will do more than
restore the people of Israel.
I will make you a light to the Gentiles,
and you will bring my salvation
to the ends of the earth.”
-Isaiah 49:3-6, NLT

Wow! What a powerful Scripture for a writer! So often we write and write, but we never see our words published. We feel like all our work and all our effort has been meaningless and accomplished no purpose at all.

Dear Lord, I give it all back into Your hand. I WILL write. If you choose to reward my efforts with publication, money or fame–or not–what is that to me? You have Your purpose! You have called me to be Your scribe. You formed me and commissioned me to write Your words to bring restoration and salvation. You have called me! I will write. Amen.


For more faith-building encouragement as a writer, visit my site, Scribes.

Scribes: Devotions for Christian Writers is available at Amazon. What a great gift of encouragement for you to have to start a brand new year as a writer! Add it to your Christmas wish list today.

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Faith Building Fridays: Grace

My purpose in writing is to encourage you
and assure you that the grace of God
is with you no matter what happens.
-1 Peter 5:12, NLT

Has something happened to discourage you as God’s scribe? Be encouraged! God’s grace is bigger. His plans are more firm. His strength and hope are more powerful. No matter what happens, God’s promises are sure!

Oh Lord God, thank You for encouraging me just when I needed it the most. Help me keep my eyes on Your promises and on Your grace even on the darkest day. Amen.


For more faith-building encouragement as a writer, visit my site, Scribes.

Scribes: Devotions for Christian Writers is available at Amazon. What a great gift of encouragement for you to have to start a brand new year as a writer! Add it to your Christmas wish list today.

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Get Ready for “Talk Like a Pirate Day” This Year!

A Pirate's Mother Goose by Nancy I. Sanders, Art by Colin Jack

Ahoy there mateys! Is anybody here planning to celebrate TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY this year with yer wee ones?

Here be a list of fun ways ye can celebrate. It’s this coming Saturday, September 19! Invite yer friends, parents, brothers and sisters, captain, teachers, mateys, and everyone ye know to join in the fun!

1. Talk like a pirate.

2. Dress up in yer pirate gear.

3. Take a nap in a hammock.

4. Dig a hole and bury a box filled with treasure.

5. Say “Ahoy there!” when ye answer the phone.

6. Draw a treasure map.


8. Draw pictures of pirates.

9. Practice saying “Aargh!” in front of a mirror.

10. Sail on a real ship.

11. Dance a jig.

12. Go geocaching on an amazing treasure hunt.

13. Be kind to parrots and monkeys.

14. Swagger when ye walk.

15. Make a pirate craft.

16. Give a bag of gold chocolate coins to yer mates.

17. Play a fiddle.

18. Bake a recipe of hard tack and eat it with yer pirate mateys.

19. Wear buckles on yer shoes.

20. Play a fiddle.

21. Sing a pirate shanty.

22. Decorate a big box to be a pirate ship and sit in it to sail the seven seas!

Yo ho!

pirate frog hopping green

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Faith Building Fridays: Completion

I suggest that you finish
what you started a year ago,
for you were the first to propose this idea,
and you were the first to begin
doing something about it.
Now you should carry this project
through to completion
just as enthusiastically
as you began it.
-2 Corinthians 8:10-11

What a challenge God has set before us this day! How many writing projects do we start, all fired up and with great enthusiasm–but then as the days and weeks go by we turn faint of heart and set the projects aside. Not today! Let this be the day we pull out that project God’s been tugging on our heart to finish and write, write, write until it is completed.

Dear God, thank You for this gentle reminder. Please give me joy in my heart. But even if You choose not to, I still choose to gird myself up and finish this manuscript enthusiastically out of joyful obedience to Your Word. In Jesus’s name. Amen.


For more faith-building encouragement as a writer, visit my site, Scribes.

Scribes: Devotions for Christian Writers is available at Amazon. What a great gift of encouragement for you to have to start a brand new year as a writer! Add it to your Christmas wish list today.

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For Teachers Who Love All Things Pirates

Educator's Guide

Are you a teacher? Do you homeschool?

You can bring A Pirate’s Mother Goose into your classroom or homeschooling curriculum!

Download and print out the free Literature Guide for Educators available now for you to use. Each activity and worksheet in this guide is geared to support the Common Core State Standards so you can use these pirate-y nursery rhymes as you engage your students in the following:

* Haiku writing activity

* Pull-through craftivity with pairs of rhyming words

* Venn Diagram to compare and contrast pirate rhymes with original nursery rhymes

* Printable vocabulary cards of rhyming word pairs found in A PIRATE’S MOTHER GOOSE for playing a vocabulary matching game

* 22 Read, Write, and Draw sheets for students to gain reading fluency and learn 22 Mother Goose nursery rhymes

And to expand the learning into an entire pirate unit of classroom learning, be sure to get my English Language Arts, Math, and Science bundle just perfect for preschool through second grade, Yo Ho Ho! A Pirate Unit with Tons of Fun.

1 Pirate Unit Cover Page b

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Writer’s Workshops


How often do you wish you could go to a writer’s conference but just can’t afford to dish out the big bucks for airplane tickets and hotel, let alone the hundreds of dollars it takes to pay for the conference itself?

Or maybe you just don’t have the time to spend three days away from the kids and the dog (who else would feed him?!) and your busy, busy life?

If that sounds familiar, then these telephone audio classes are just perfect for you!

Over the years, I’ve recorded a number of audio classes on topics that I deal with in the real world of today’s children’s publishing industry. I share real techniques and strategies I actually use as I’ve written over 100 published books.

For many of these classes, I provide handouts that I actually use myself for brainstorming and working through various techniques required to complete different types of manuscript. Along with the audio file you’ll download, you’ll get these handouts to print out and use.

These are the same strategies that earn me the bucks and help me land the contracts year after year after glorious year. I don’t want to be alone in my success…I want YOU to be able to experience success as a writer, too!

So if you’d like to hone your skills, learn tried-and-true techniques, and grow on your journey as a writer, hop on over to the National Writing for Children Center and check out the tele-classes available for you!

Most cost just $20…about the same as going out to dinner with a writer friend…but each one will last longer than just one night out. Each tele-class you listen to will be an INVESTMENT that moves you forward on your career path as a children’s writer and closer to your goals to fulfill your dreams.

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Faith Building Friday: Time

Teach us to make the most of our time,
so that we may grow in wisdom.
-Psalm 90:12, NLT

Time. That’s what writing is all about. Let’s get out our calendar today and schedule time to write. Let’s rearrange our commitments so that writing is a top priority. Today, tomorrow, next week and in the upcoming year. Only then can we grow as God’s scribes. Only then can we truly accomplish what God desires us to do with the time we have.

Dear Creator, You created time. You have given me the exact same amount of time that You’ve given to each one of Your children. Teach me to value time as belonging to You. Show me how to make each minute count so that I find time to write the words You have burning in my heart. Amen.


For more faith-building encouragement as a writer, visit my site, Scribes.

The pocket edition of Scribes: Devotions for Christian Writers is available at Amazon. What a great gift of encouragement to give to your critique group buddies and writer friends!

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Announcing: A Pirate’s Mother Goose!

A Pirate's Mother Goose by Nancy I. Sanders, Art by Colin Jack

A Pirate’s Mother Goose
by Nancy I. Sanders
Art by Colin Jack

Avast me hearties, yo ho!

It’s here! My newest picture book has anchored at dock and is now available in at your favorite local store or online at sites such as Amazon!

Do ye have a wee one? A grandson or granddaughter? A youngster of yer own? A Pirate’s Mother Goose is a wonderful read-aloud and puts a rollicking good twist on popular nursery rhymes by giving them a delightful piratey makeover!

And with humorous art by the talented Colin Jack, this full color picture book has launched just in time to celebrate the annual TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY this September 19th!

Order it today and enlist yer young pirate to join in the fun. Yo ho!

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Educational Publishers: Test Publishers

If you scroll down through all the publishers listed on Ev Christensen’s amazing site, EDUCATIONAL MARKETS FOR CHILDREN’S WRITERS, you will see a list of several Test Publishers.

Go ahead and click on the links for each one of these as we’re exploring this part of the list.

One of the first things you’ll see is that most of these require submissions from educators or teachers.

I know a gal in my local region of SCBWI who has written for this market for years. From what she says, it seems like a very nice steady reliable opportunity for work and income.

If you really really want to try working for this market, but you aren’t a teacher, what can you do?

Do as I do! Pair up with a teacher who would like to earn some income but doesn’t have the time, interest, or experience to write.

Any time I’ve wanted to write for an educational publisher who requires writers who are also teachers, I just team up with my teacher husband Jeff! We apply as a team. He gives input and ideas, I write, and then he checks the material for educational content and focus. It’s a win-win situation.

But of course if you have an educational background yourself, what have you got to lose! Go ahead and submit to these publishers and see if you can land a spot as one of their writers.

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Book Review: Noah’s Voyage


Noah’s Voyage (Adventure Bible)
Zonderkidz: I Can Read! Level 2
Pictures by David Miles

Noah has a great big job to do for our great big God! Closely following the biblical account, the age-appropriate vocabulary is perfect for children who are learning to read with help. Young readers follow Noah as he hears from God about how people aren’t following God’s rules so God is going to send a flood. Noah does everything God tells him to do including building an ark and bringing all the animals on board. God kept Noah, his family, and the animals safe during the flood. When the flood was over, God dried up the earth. “Then God did something wonderful. He put a rainbow in the sky. God promised to never flood the earth ever again.”

What I Like
I like how this book teaches little children the truth in God’s Word, the Bible. This account is historical (it tells how Noah was 600 years old when the flood came). The illustrations support the biblical text (the ark’s proportions show how large it really was and could easily hold giraffes and elephants and more!). This book helps teach children that our faith is evidence-based on actual world history such as Noah and the Flood and not just based on fairy tales. I especially like the reminder that God put the rainbow in the sky to remember that he will never again send a flood to wash away the sins on the earth…God doesn’t need to because he sent Jesus to wash away our sins instead! Highly recommended.

-Thanks, BookLook Bloggers for another wonderful free book in exchange for my honest review!

I review for BookLook Bloggers

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Faith Building Friday: God’s Book

You saw me before I was born
and scheduled each day of my life
before I began to breathe.
Every day was recorded in your book!
-Psalm 139:16, TLB

What an amazing concept this is! In His great love for us, God has kept a memory book about us from even before we were born. How precious each day of our lives is to Him–may we as His scribes grasp this wonder and dedicate ourselves to His purposes. May we not waste another day away from His great call upon us to write.

Dear God, on this particular day of my life, may I spend time writing the words You planned for me to write from even before when I was born. In Jesus’s name. Amen.


For more faith-building encouragement as a writer, visit my site, Scribes.

The pocket edition of Scribes: Devotions for Christian Writers is available at Amazon. What a great gift of encouragement to give to your critique group buddies and writer friends!

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Educational Publishers: More Packagers

So now we have 3 categories that we’re exploring on Ev Christensen’s amazing site, EDUCATIONAL MARKETS FOR CHILDREN’S WRITERS.

Publishers who need authors to work on projects they develop.

Publishers who accept original ideas from authors.

Publishers who are actually packagers who need authors to help develop products for other publishers.

I’ve never worked with a packager before but I’m exploring this idea just like you.

Here are some of the packagers you’ll find here on Ev’s site:







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