Posted by: nancyisanders | November 2, 2007

Fun News!

Yesterday, my doorbell rang and I saw the Fed Ex guy scurrying away down my sidewalk. Not expecting anything, I went to the door, grabbed the package, and ripped it open. What a fun surprise to find inside a copy of my newest book, D IS FOR DRINKING GOURD: AN AFRICAN AMERICAN ALPHABET. But this wasn’t just any ordinary copy! On its jacket, this book now sports the picture of the seal for winning the 2007 NAPPA Honors Book award. What a rewarding experience to win this award after so many years of research and heart put into this book. My hopes are that all who read it will be encouraged and inspired to reach for the stars!


  1. Hi Nancy:

    Congratulations on your new book and award! It is beautifully written and the illustrations complement it so well. It is packed with great info that makes the mind and heart hunger for more. I’m sure it will be an inspiration for many kids.


  2. Thanks, Veronica! I appreciate all your kudos.

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