Posted by: nancyisanders | November 23, 2007

Get Published Tips

The best success I’ve had in getting published is to follow these steps:
1. Find an editor who says what she is looking for.
2. Study that publisher’s website and find a hole in their product line.
3. E-mail that editor and ask her if she’d like to see a proposal for my book idea that fits into the hole in her product line.

And the best place I know for children’s writers to find editors who say what they’re looking for is by subscribing to Children’s Writer: Newsletter of Writing and Publishing Trends. For info on how to order it, go to

Each issue is jam packed with quotes from editors saying, “I’m looking for this,” and “I need that.” I’ve landed four big book contracts by e-mailing editors I read about in this newsletter since over two years ago when I started reading it.

Last June, I made it my goal to read through each issue of this newsletter and find at least one editor to e-mail with a book manuscript idea. This month, I had to STOP doing this. Why? I now have three more book contracts lined up which will keep me BUSY until next December and two of those publishers require me to send in my next two book proposals when I’m done with their deadlines!

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