Posted by: nancyisanders | April 23, 2008

Get Published–Now!

Are you published? Have you experienced the delight of seeing your words in print? Are you familiar with the thrill of knowing your words are being read by other people?

If your answer is “No,” or “Not as much as I’d like to be,” then you can roll up your sleeves and make a change…today. Really!

No, you probably won’t sell that book manuscript you’ve been struggling to submit to publishers. You probably won’t even get that article accepted in the big magazine you’ve dreamed about. Not today. Those types of projects take time.

But you can land an assignment today for a manuscript targeted to a no pay or low pay publisher. There are zillions of opportunities out there for writers who are willing to write for no pay or low pay. Consider your church newsletter, a small e-zine for writers, your local throw away community magazine, or an online site that publishes devotions…the list is endless.

But why should a writer waste their time writing manuscripts for these types of places?

I’ll tell you why. It feels good! It’s relatively easy to land an acceptance. It validates you as a writer. It lists published credits on your resume. It brings you frequent opportunities to see your words in print. It connects you with editors and deadlines and submission guidelines. It lands you in the actual factual world of writers.

Throughout my entire 22-year writing career, I’ve always been writing for no pay or low pay assignments. Last year alone I earned over $4,000 writing for assignments I earned between $25 to $75 per manuscript. All that was done in between waiting and working on long-term book projects–some of which I may never land a contract for or I won’t see in print for a long long time.

This year I’ve landed some new assignments–one monthly magazine assignment brings me in a whopping $10 per manuscript! But about a week ago, when I contacted an editor of a big magazine everyone wants to write for, the editor said, “Funny! I was just sitting here reading your article in a magazine I have.” Wow! That was worth way more than the $10 I got paid for it.

So go out there and find a no-pay or low-pay publisher today. E-mail them if they list an editor’s e-mail and tell them you’re interested in submitting an article to them–today. Write an article for them–today. Send it in. Today. If you get rejected–look lower! Start writing on a steady and frequent basis and start getting published now!


  1. Nancy, you are telling it just like it is, but with HOPE! So many new writers want to jump right into a book. When they find out how tough it is they often become discouraged and don’t bother with magazines, newsletters, e-zines, etc. I agree with you about the benefits of writing for those publications. It’s FUN and while it’s FUN it’s fattening up your bio. Thanks for the encouragement in this post.

  2. I’m so glad this encouraged you, Sherri!

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