Posted by: nancyisanders | April 28, 2008

Contact an Editor…Today!

I just contacted an editor I know about the possibility of writing a new book for an idea I have.

“Are you crazy?” you might ask. Aren’t I in the middle of a huge, overwhelming book contract that will take me until December to write? Don’t I have a historical MG novel to write, too?

Yes. But by the end of the year, both those manuscripts will be written. Done. I’ll want to have a new book contract to start working on.

And so I e-mailed an editor. If she’s not interested, I’ll e-mail another editor with a different idea to fit her publishing house. One I may never have worked with before. I’ll keep contacting editors until one sends me a contract. And I’ll schedule the deadline for sometime next year.

To establish a successful writing career, it takes planning for future deadlines while you’re working on current projects.

So go ahead. Look through your writer’s market guide and find a publisher who invites you to contact them by e-mail. (There’s lots, I just checked!) E-mail the editor and ask if she’d be interested in seeing a proposal for a topic that would dovetail with her product line. If she doesn’t respond within a couple of weeks, e-mail a different editor with a different idea that would suit her list. Plan ahead…and contact an editor today!

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