Posted by: nancyisanders | September 8, 2008

The Career of Writing

Did you know it’s possible to build the foundation of a solid writing career in just one month? Yes, you can! Here’s how to start.

Print out a calendar of the next four weeks. Have this be your writing calendar. Post your writing schedule for Week One by blocking out one hour for writing each day, Monday through Friday. In Week One, you will build the foundation of getting published on a frequent basis. How? By targeting no-pay or low-pay publishers of periodicals. There are a gazillion opportunities out there for writers to get published on a regular basis. Online mags, Sunday School take-home papers, community magazines, church newsletters… the list goes on and on. Learn to write for these periodicals on a regular basis and start receiving acceptance letters galore! Plus, you’ll see your manuscripts in print regularly, which does wonders to your writer’s morale.

On Monday, spend your hour researching no pay, low pay periodical markets. Pick one periodical to target.

On Tuesday, spend your hour reading your target periodical. Pick one kind of article you’d like to try to write in it whether it be the recipe corner, the crafts page, or the devotional. Type out a sample of the type of article you want to write.

On Wednesday, spend half of your hour brainstorming ideas to write for your target periodical. Then spend the next half hour organizing your ideas into an outline for the article you want to write.

On Thursday, spend your hour writing the first draft of your article.

On Friday, spend your hour editing your manuscript and revising it. Write a cover letter and submit it to your target publisher.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish just one hour of writing each day in one week!

In my next blog, I’ll tell you what to do in Week 2.

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