Posted by: nancyisanders | September 26, 2008

Fun with Fiction: Are You Having Fun?

Let’s face it. If you’re writing a Middle Grade novel, it’s a long, involved process. Since I’m in the middle of Book 2 in a four-book series, I know I have at least 2 more years of steady writing after I finish this book.

If you find yourself dragging your feet and dreading the computer each day, it’s time to regroup and get refreshed! This isn’t a 100-yard dash that we can race pell mell toward the finish line and then catch our breath. Writing a Middle Grade novel, or a series of MG novels, is like running a marathon. The journey is as important as the finish.

If you’re not enjoying the journey, stop and ask yourself why. Figure out the reason, and then work to fix it. Do whatever it takes to find joy in the journey. You’ll be happy you did. Your book will be better as a result.

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