Posted by: nancyisanders | September 29, 2008

The Career of Writing: Manage Your Career

This past month, I’ve been explaining how to build your writing career on my blog. (See posts starting September 8, 2008.) In a nutshell, to build a solid foundation for your writing career, schedule in three hours of writing each day and work towards three separate goals at the same time:

Goal #1: Write regularly and get published in no pay/low pay markets.

Goal #2: Land contracts for deadlines that pay.

Goal #3: Write for fun.

Each of the schedules I suggested put you on a cycle of studying the market to target publishers, generate ideas to fit into their product line, and submit queries on a steady basis.

However, what do you do to manage your career when you start landing contracts to write manuscripts? This week’s upcoming posts will help explain what to do.

For starters, when you start getting published with no pay/low pay markets (Goal #1) keep sending out queries until you have three different editors that you regularly submit to and that practically guarantee acceptance and publication. This keeps your writer’s soul encouraged by experiencing a steady stream of acceptances. It builds your writing credits. It helps you improve your writing skills on a steady basis.

Next blog: Managing Your Career with Goal #2.

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