Posted by: nancyisanders | December 3, 2008


I hope you’re having fun and learning more about yourself as a writer as you’re exploring what motivates you.

Some writers prefer to hide away and write. If you’re one of them, schedule mini-retreats throughout your week where nobody can interrupt you. Exchange babysitting with a friend. Turn off your phone, cell phone, and e-mail. Carve out that time you’ve been craving for and write!

Some writers prefer to gather with other writers for encouragement and feedback as they write. If you’re one of them, organize a weekly critique group that will offer you a steady stream to help motivate you to pump out those pages.

Some writers prefer the structure of an organized program. If you’re one of them, join one of the many forums online or writing classes that offer structured writing assignments or goals to carry you forward as you write.

Once again, a key to success as a writer is self-motivation. If you don’t know what motivates you, how can you hope to fight the urge to do other tasks instead of write? Explore how you “tick” and discover what motivates you to accomplish what you think really matters in your life. Then use that discovery to apply it to your life as a writer. It will help you move forward and actually start writing those manuscripts you’ve been dreaming of for so long!


  1. Good advice, i do not write novels but i need to write a lot for my business and it has taken me a bit of time to work out the best way to do it because i was listening to others not finding the right way for ME!

  2. Glad you’re on the right track about finding out what motivates you to write!

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