Posted by: nancyisanders | December 31, 2008

Looking Back

Let’s start with our discussion about goals for the year ahead by first stopping to look back. What did 2008 look like for you as a writer? What were your accomplishments? Which goals did you cross off your list as a success in 2008? Which ones did you wish had been different? How did it all stack up?

Each year between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, I love to spend my time reflecting on my identity as a writer. I look back in the year that just passed by. I write down lists of things that I succeeded at and other things I did not. I think about how I am different now than I was as a writer a year ago. I ponder how I want to grow and change as a writer in the year ahead. This week between holidays is a very special time–almost a magical time–and I have learned to enjoy it as a time where I really connect with who I am as a writer and where I want to go next in my particualar journey.

Take time this week to sit down and think back over the past year. Write down your thoughts about your previous journey as a writer–the highs and lows, the joys and disappointments, the positive and the negative. This will help you as we next begin to look at the year ahead. This will be a good point of reference as we start to discuss how you can take control of your writing goals in 2009 and actually map out a journey that will help you accomplish those goals.

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