Posted by: nancyisanders | January 7, 2009

Separate Strategies for Separate Goals

If you attend writer’s conferences and read how-to-write books and talk to other writers, the majority assume that it’s best to write a manuscript for personal fulfillment and then attempt to get it published and earn an income.

In my 23 years of writing and having over 75 books published, I have discovered a better way. A way that brings a much lower level of frustration. A way that makes me happy to be a writer. A way that helps me better meet my goals. A way that spells success.

Here’s the super duper, extra special, million dollar secret:

Use separate strategies to meet separate goals.

Instead of writing one manuscript and trying to use it to accomplish all your goals, I have learned to use a different strategy to accomplish each of those three main goals:

1. Writing for personal fulfillment

2. Writing to get published

3. Writing to earn an income

In the days ahead, I’ll explain what those strategies are.

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