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Author Interview: Tina M. Cho

Meet Author Tina M. Cho!

Tina Cho grew up in Iowa where she eventually met her husband from Korea. After living in Iowa, Korea, and Arizona, they now reside in Orange County, California. Tina has been an elementary teacher for the past 11 years, mainly in kindergarten. Currently, she stays at home with her two kids, Anna who is in first grade and Isaac who is three years old. Tina has always loved reading and enjoys reading to her children. This past summer of 2008 she felt God leading her in the direction to write children’s books. With God’s direction, she met Nancy and became one of the members of her CHAIRS (Christian Authors, Illustrators, & Readers Society) Group, and a member of her online picture book group called Pens & Brushes. Tina has been published with DCCC, Inc.

Q: What is your favorite genre to write in at this point of your career?
A: Since I’m new at this career, I’ve been tailoring my writing just to get published, and so I’ve been writing lots of children’s nonfiction types of stories. However, I really enjoy fiction picture books, and I’m working on one currently for my critique group.

Q: What inspires you most as a writer?

A: Knowing that God called me to write inspires me the most. I had been looking for a teaching job in CA for the past year, but God kept closing the door. As soon as I started pursuing this other interest of writing children’s books, God opened the door wide open! He keeps bringing me so many opportunities, and I’m looking forward to landing that book contract or even a magazine acceptance, since I’m new! Even selling two stories to a local Christian school’s curriculum gave me encouragement when I first started. I hope some day to write Christian books that my children can read so that I can leave a Christian legacy with them.

Q: Where do you get most of your ideas?

A: First I read market ads from the “Children’s Book Insider” or “Children’s Writer” and see what the needs are. From there I get ideas from my past life experiences, from my two children, or from nature. Being in CA gives me lots of ideas!

Q: Share one tip you would like to give to a children’s author about the importance of joining a critique group.

A: Being in a critique group is such a blessing! I, thankfully, belong in two groups. Again, since I’m new to this craft, I rely on the experiences of other writers for guidance, and they critique my stories. I feel I need their approval before I can submit them. My online picture book critique group is an awesome group to be a part of. I’ve learned and am still learning how to critique stories and what makes a good story! Since we’re online, we’re constantly talking throughout the day. It’s very addictive! Each shares bits of wisdom, and we learn from each other’s stories and mistakes. I highly recommend being in a critique group. I also highly recommend finding a mentor to help you through the whole process! Thank you, Nancy, for being my mentor 🙂


  1. Great interview!

    Tina, I love having you in our online critique group!

  2. Thanks, Ev! I emailed this comment to you–I wish you were closer so you could be in our other group as well. Come & visit!


  3. Hi Tina,

    I so enjoyed reading your author interview on Nancy’s blog this a.m.! And I enjoyed meeting you at CHAIRS the day I gave the presentation and helping critique your ms. Hope you writing is going well, and that our paths will cross one day again soon. With your determination and skill, you’re sure to be a success! Marge Flathers

  4. Hi, Tina,
    In the picture, your inner warmth and openness shine through your eyes and smile!
    Wish you much success with your writing!

  5. Thanks, Marge, for your kind words. Come and visit us again at CHAIRS! I’d love to see you again.

  6. Thanks, Anne, for your comments!

  7. Oh Tina, what a fun day this was! Thanks for being my guest today!

  8. Thanks for having me. It WAS fun!

  9. Tina, God will bless you! Keep writing……I can’t wait to read your stories.

    Love Mom

  10. Thank you, Mom!

  11. HI, Tina, What an excellent interview you did with Nancy. I enjoy being in the CHAIRS group with all of you, and particularly enjoyed helping critique your children’s picture book about creatures at the beach I think that will be a very enjoyable book for children to read, and do hope you have success in finding a publisher for it soon. I know how diligently you are studying your craft, and enjoy the pointers you have given me.

    Continued good luck, and best wishes,

    Kay Presto

  12. Hi Kay!
    I just discovered your post. Thanks! I missed seeing you at our last Chairs Mtg. I heard you were at the races! See you in a few weeks,


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