Posted by: nancyisanders | March 2, 2009

Book In A Month Club!

It’s March! And it’s here again!

What am I talking about? The exciting Book In A Month Club! It’s crazy. It’s zany. And it’s fun, fun, fun!

In the past years, writers who have joined this club have written an entire book from start to finish…all in just one month. If you’d like to do that again, please do! You can even follow along with the step-by-step approach I explained on my blog for last year. Just click on the Book In A Month tab at the top of this blog.

For some added excitement, however, this year on my blog I’m going to do something a little different. This year, we’re going to TRY to land a book contract–all in just one month. We’re going to try to land a contract to write a book that hasn’t yet been written. Sound scary? It is! But it’s also very, very rewarding. I’ll show you how, here on my blog, all through the month of March.

Now of course, we probably won’t actually land a contract this month–it can take weeks and months to work through the process of catching an editor’s eye, getting the editorial team to vote on a contract, and receiving the contract in the mail, but we are going to spend one solid intensive month doing our best to TRY to land a contract to write a book.

And hey–if you follow along and try, you get to be an official member of the 2009 Book In A Month Club. All you’ve got to do is TRY. Just let me know and at the end of the month, I’ll e-mail you a jpg file of a certificate you can print out announcing you’re an official member of the club! Send me an e-mail at In the e-mail tell me how you want me to type your name (first name? full name? pen name?) on the certificate. (I’ll remind you again as the end of March draws to a close.) Here’s what the certificate looks like:


Let me know if you have a blog or website and I’ll also e-mail you a 2009 Book In A Month Club Official Member logo to post on your site. You can see the logo from 2008 at the right of this blog.

So…here’s how it works this year. My goal is to submit an original query listing 3-5 brand new ideas to a different target publisher each day this month, Monday through Friday. 5 days for 4 weeks equals 20 queries to 20 publishers. I’ll share the strategy I use so you can use it, too. This is the exact same strategy I use to land book contracts today.

I’m going to start from scratch, just like you. I’m going to follow along each day, just like you. I’m planning on marking one hour on my calendar each weekday for the entire month of March to accomplish this big task, and I hope you do, too. Please feel free to post a comment or question here on my blog about all this at any time. Perhaps it will help others along the way.

To help us get ready, let’s gather all our research materials in one place. Grab all your market guides. Grab last year’s issues of writer’s magazines. Put them all in a totebag or in one spot on a bookshelf. If you don’t have very many of either one, take a quick trip to your local library. Check out last year’s editions of every market guide they have. Borrow as many copies as you can of current issues of writers magazines on their shelves. Plan on renewing everything 3 weeks down the road so you can use them all month long.

Here are the guides and magazines I recommend–tailor your choice to meet your area of interest:

Writer’s Market by Writer’s Digest
Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market by Writer’s Digest
Book Markets for Children’s Writers by the Institute of Children’s Literature
Christian Writers’ Market Guide by Sally Stuart
Children’s Writer
The Writer
Writer’s Digest
SCBWI Bulletin

So…on your mark. Get set. Here we go! Check back in on my blog tomorrow for how to send out your first query.


  1. I would like to join the book in a month club

    • Great, Linda! You can get started right now and follow through the steps on your own. Or, you can wait and join us here in March, 2010 as we all get started together.

      Let me know how it goes for you!

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