Posted by: nancyisanders | March 6, 2009

Book In A Month Club: AMG Publishers

Welcome back to the Book In A Month Club! This month we’re going to TRY to land a book contract–all in one month! Instead of subbing manuscripts we’ve already written, however, the strategy I recommend is to find a publisher to target in a genre that interests you. Choose one that accepts queries. Then study their product line, brainstorm 3-5 new ideas that would fit into their list, and send off a query asking if they’d like to see a proposal for those ideas.

Today let’s explore a different publisher. Copy and paste the link and go to AMG’s home page. Print out today’s post to help you follow along the steps while you search.

AMG Publishers:
Submission Guidelines:

Go to the link I provided for their guidelines
. We see by their submission guidelines that they accept queries—and e-mail queries at that. Bingo!

Now let’s look and see if they have series. Why series? If a publisher has series, they usually are either interested in a new series to add to their line of series, or they are interested in having new titles to add into one of their series. It’s a great way to break into their publishing house by either suggesting a brand new series or a new title in one of their existing series. (This only works if they have a series written by many different authors.)

Click on the link TRADE BOOKS and we find they have a few series.
For starters, Look at their LIVING INK BOOKS. Here are their 6 series:
1. Fantasy Fiction Series
2. Twenty-third Psalm Series
3. Gift Books & Inspirational
4. Families & Relationships
5. Devotionals & Special Topics
6. Made Simple Series

Now let’s look closer at a couple of those series:
A. Fantasy Fiction Series: This looks like each series is written by one author. So, they would probably be most interested in a brand new fiction series proposal for this age level series. They have 5 Fiction series already. Make a list of these 5. Now let’s brainstorm 3-5 potential series ideas that could fit into their Fantasy Fiction Series. (To help you brainstorm, just google “Teen fantasy fiction” and see which topics come up. Here are some potential topics:

1. Guided by the Stars: Children hear the voices of the stars singing. They must choose to listen to the voices or not, depending on their faith in the Creator, as they set out on their adventure.
2. Dreams:
Children receive spiritual dreams about upcoming world-wide events and time-travel back to visit biblical heroes such as Joseph who were able to interpret dreams
3. Pirates: Pirate adventures on the high seas!
4. The Days of Knights: Adventures take place in the world of knights and swords and castles

If you think you could try to write a YA fantasy series, you can now send in a query letter suggesting those 4 series!

B. Gift Books & Inspirational: They have different authors writing some of these books. For instance, the have MEDITATIONS FOR DOG LOVERS and MEDITATIONS FOR CAT LOVERS. Those are written by different authors so they might be interested in a new book proposal for a new title in that set. Let’s brainstorm 3-5 potential titles that could fit into that set:

Meditations for Horse Lovers
Meditations for Bird Lovers
Meditations for Fish Lovers

You could now send in a query letter suggesting those three titles! (If you’re not sure you could write for this particular format, order in a copy of the book from your local library or try to find reviews of it online, or order in at your local bookstore and tell them you’re not sure yet you want to buy it. Figure out a way you can peek inside the book to see if you think you could write something just like that.)

Follow their guidelines to submit your query. E-mail your query as it says on their guidelines to

If you’d rather choose a different publisher, use the same step-by-step progression I showed you today to study a publisher in the genre of your choice. Pick out one that you think has books you could try to write.

Then, follow the post on March 3 to send in your query…today. Check back in on my blog for more ideas and tips all through this month as we TRY to land a book contract—for this year’s Book In A Month Club!

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