Posted by: nancyisanders | March 17, 2009

50 Nifty States Tour: Kentucky!

Let’s celebrate African-American history
all year long from sea to shining sea!

50 teachers in 50 classrooms in 50 states celebrating the accomplishments and rich heritage of African American history! That’s the goal of this 50 Nifty States 2009 Virtual Book Tour.

Today on my tour, I want to give a great big hearty welcome to the marvelous state of Kentucky! Today I’m hosting the wonderful students of Mrs. Evelyn Christensen’s first grade gifted education class at Tates Creek Elementary School in Lexington, Kentucky. Their teacher read them my picture book, D is for Drinking Gourd: An African American Alphabet.

To all the students in Mrs. Christensen’s class: I’m so happy to have you join my Virtual Book Tour. Thank you for helping to celebrate African American history all across America! Your questions were great. I’ll answer several of them for you today on my blog.

Q: What was your first book?
A: The very first book I ever wrote was called Bible Crafts on a Shoestring Budget: for Grades 3 & 4. I wrote it l-o-o-ong ago in 1993, but you can still buy it today! It’s sold many, many copies in all those years, and lots of kids have made the fun crafts inside.

Q: Will you make any more books?
A: Yes, I’m always writing books. I love to write! I just finished a book that took me one whole year to write. It’s called America’s Black Founders: Revolutionary Heroes and Early Leaders with 21 Activities. Right now the publisher is busy preparing the cover, arranging all the art for inside the book, and getting it ready to go to the printer. It will be ready to read next fall when you’re starting second grade.

Q: What was your favorite book as a kid?
A: I had many favorite books, but one of them was Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White. I grew up on a dairy farm in Everett, Pennsylvania with pigs and cows and sheep. And even rats and spiders! So I love reading about Wilbur the pig and Charlotte the spider and all their animal friends.

Thanks, Tates Creek Elementary, for being an official stop on my tour. To find out more about my 50 Nifty States 2009 Virtual Book Tour, visit the link to the website today. And if you’re a teacher, you’re invited to hop on board and join the celebration!


  1. We’re excited to be part of your Virtual Book Tour, Nancy! Thanks for writing such a wonderful book and sharing it with us.

  2. It was so great to have you join the tour!

  3. I’m headed for Louisville, KY, tomorrow. And Evelyn Christensen is one of my heroes!

    Thanks, Nancy.


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