Posted by: nancyisanders | March 18, 2009

Book In A Month Club: Publisher’s List

Welcome back to the Book In A Month Club! Today I’ve got a list of potential publishers you can contact.

I haven’t double-checked the following list, but according to my current market guides, each of these publishers accepts queries. Check out their websites. Browse through their books. Click on their manuscript guidelines (usually found under “about us” or “contact us” links). Many publish a variety of topics, including:

Dog Stories: Doral Publishing at
MG  and YA Novels: Finney Company at
Plays and Musicals: Samuel French at
Activity, Craft, and Hobby Books: Gibbs Smith at
Outdoor Recreation Guides: Globe Pequot Press at
Nonfiction Christian Living: Barbour Books at
Christian Adult Fiction: B & H Publishing at
Memoirs: Fulcrum at
The Pacific Northwest: Graphic Arts Center at


  1. Wow! Thanks for the list, Nancy.


  2. You’re welcome, Jean! Hopefully you can catch an editor’s eye with a query for one of them. -Nancy

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