Posted by: nancyisanders | March 25, 2009

Book In A Month Club: Lark Books

Welcome back to the Book In A Month Club! If this is the first day you’re joining us, you might want to backtrack and start your journey at the beginning. Go back to where it started on my post for March 2, 2009. Then follow each day’s post for the month of March and have fun sending in those queries! Our goal this month is to TRY to land a book contract–all in just one month. It’s crazy. It’s zany. But it’s fun, fun, fun!

Today, let’s explore another potential publisher: Lark Books. Copy and paste the links into your browser and explore their website.

Lark Books:
Manuscript Guidelines:
Freelance Opportunities:
Illustrator Guidelines:

This publisher is bursting with opportunity if you are a crafts-oriented writer. They are also looking for proofreaders, copyeditors, and copywriters, so check them out if you’d like a writing-related job!

Look at their homepage. What a wonderful list of exciting categories, or series, to choose from! They cover all sorts of crafts from making handmade books to teaching dogs circus tricks.

And they love queries!

So, if you check out their product list and think you could write a book for them, send them a query for 3-5 brand new ideas that could fit into their books.

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