Posted by: nancyisanders | March 27, 2009

Book In A Month Club: Chelsea Clubhouse

Welcome back to the Book In A Month Club! It’s been a busy and exciting month. Lots of publishers to study, lots of queries to send.

As we’re wrapping up for a close to our busy, productive month, here’s one final publisher I’d like to spotlight on my blog: Chelsea Clubhouse.

Chelsea Clubhouse:
Writer’s Guidelines:

Have fun exploring this publisher’s nonfiction books. Their guidelines state that we can e-mail a letter of inquiry to them regarding potential new titles or series. Brainstorm 3-5 brand new ideas that could fit into their line of books, and e-mail your query.

Be sure to check back in next week as we wrap up our Book In A Month Club!


  1. Nancy, thanks for spurring me on this month. Since I was on vacation in March, I sent out only three queries. I’ve printed everything out and will continue to work on it in April.

    I appreciate all your hard work to help other authors.


  2. That’s great progress, Gloria! It was great to have you on board. -Nancy

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