Posted by: nancyisanders | March 30, 2009

Book In A Month Club: Wrap Up

For all of you who have participated in the Book In A Month Club this year, I want to give you a hearty round of applause! You studied publishers’ websites, searched through their catalogs, brainstormed ideas, and submitted queries. What a lot of hard work and practical experience you accomplished! Some of us have even caught the interest of an editor.

We’re miles ahead of where we were just one month ago. We TRIED to land a contract in just one month and are all the better for it. Now we can continue to target publishers and send out specific queries for brand new ideas uniquely tailored to each publisher’s product line. We can continue to try to land the contract before we write a book. With this strategy, this might be the way some of us land our very first book contract this year!

If you followed along with the Book In A Month Club–whether you submitted one query or 20–send me an e-mail this week at Let me know you’re a member of the club this year. Then I’ll e-mail you a jpg file of a certificate you can print out. I’ll also e-mail you a small logo you can add to your website to affirm that you’re an official member of the club.

Remember, you can always join or re-do the Book In A Month Club for any month in the year. March is just the official month I host it on my blog. You can follow the activities at any time that best suits your schedule.


Join us here again next March for the official Book In A Month Club. May all your writing dreams come true!

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