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Virtual Book Tour: Monica Cane


Today I’d like to welcome back author Monica Cane!
Web site: A Breath of Inspiration Ministry

Let’s give a hearty welcome to Monica as we join her as a stop on her Virtual Book Tour. We’re helping her celebrate the release of her newest book, The Lost Coin.


A word from Monica:

Thank you for visiting me on my virtual book tour stop at Nancy I. Sanders’ website. Nancy reminds me a lot of one of my characters, Mr. James, in my new book The Lost Coin. Mr. James reaches out to help Elaina Munroe, a mere stranger in need and makes a difference in her life. I’m able to visit all of you through this virtual book tour because Nancy reached out to me. Thanks, Nancy!

During your visit I will answer questions that have been asked of me about The Lost Coin, what it’s like to be an author, and even a little about the publishing process. Enjoy your time here and after you’re done, be sure to go back to my website A Breath of Inspiration Ministry to find out where the next stop of the virtual book tour will be so that you can learn more.

Q. How did you come up with the title The Lost Coin?
A. When I first thought of writing this story about a young girl struggling with her identity and somewhat lost spiritually, I instantly pictured the scripture Luke 15:8–9. This passage speaks of a woman losing a gold coin and ransacking her house until she finds it. Once she discovers the coin that was lost, she calls everyone to rejoice with her. Reading this, I just knew the young girl in my story Elaina was the lost coin, needing to be found.

Q. Can you tell us a little about the main characters in The Lost Coin?
A. The two main characters in this story are Elaina Munroe and Nick Weston.

Elaina Munroe is a young, attractive naïve girl who wants to feel grown and mature. She is trying to find her own identity and thinks she can do so by leaving home. She believes she is wise enough to make decisions and live life without parental support and without a relationship with God.

Nick Weston is a strikingly handsome con-artist who trusts no-one and is entirely untrustworthy himself. He always has his own agenda and seeks out vulnerable people like Elaina to help him reach his goal of making “big” money. He fears no-one, not even God.

Q. How does your family support you with your writing ministry?
A. No-one in my immediate family enjoys writing the way I do so when they take the time to show interest in what I’m working on in anyway, I consider that to be very supportive. Sometimes one of my kids will simply walk by while I’m on the computer and ask with interest, “What are you working on Mom?” It doesn’t matter what I’m working on, the fact that they ask makes me feel extra loved and supported.

Q. Do you consider yourself an expert in writing now that you are a published author?
A. While I’m always trying to perfect my craft, by nature, I have a very casual writing style. I tend to write how I speak which by the way, drives some very technical writers crazy. I believe God gave me this gift of writing which is why people respond well to the books or articles that I have written, but an expert in writing because I’m published? No, I don’t think so.

Q. What type of publishing options does a writer have?
A. There are three main types of publishing:

Traditional Publishing – Where a publishing house agrees to publish your manuscript and completely covers the cost for the publishing/marketing process.

Print on Demand (POD) Publishing – Where a publishing company will publish your book for a fee and make it available to numerous online bookstores.

Self publishing – Where an author does everything themselves from formatting the book, editing the manuscript, creating a cover, purchasing an ISBN number which is needed if the book is to be sold in stores, along with printing and distributing the book.

Q. Which publishing option do you recommend?
A. I have actually had my books published in all three ways and each option having its pros and cons. Recommending one option over another would really depend on what an author wants for their book. Having a traditional publisher accept your manuscript does indeed make you feel FABULOUS as a writer, and it’s easier on the pocket, but you do lose much of the creative control since the publisher owns the copyright and the say-so to your story throughout the duration of publication.

I personally love keeping creative control and my copyright so POD and self publishing tends to work for me. However, one down-side to those two options can be that the marketing and promoting of a book is primarily up to the author so you really have to believe in what you’ve written in order to promote it.

Q. How can someone order a copy of The Lost Coin and also learn more about you?
A. To purchase The Lost Coin, go to www. or visit me at my website at where you can also learn more about me and my writing ministry.

Thanks for letting me stop by, Nancy.

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