Posted by: nancyisanders | July 10, 2009

Marketing Tip #6: Promotional Flyer

Creating your very own promotional flyer to help market your book is a fantastic idea. You can print copies to hand out at an author’s event. You can e-mail it to potential customers. You can hand out copies at your critique group. You can ask your local library or other public venue to display your flyer. You can also forward it to people who want to feature your book on their blog.

Based on the design a publisher once made for another of my books, I created a promotional flyer for my new book, Yes! You Can, and saved it as a pdf file called Promo flyer. Click on the link and print it out. Use it as an example to follow as you create your own.

And hey–if you want to help spread the word about my book, please feel free to share it with your writer friends, too


  1. Thanks so much for these AWESOME tips! I printed out your promo flyer to use as a template. Do you think I should do the things you’ve been writing about for my book that’s coming out in November even though it’s for teachers? Homeschoolers could use this book. Libraries? Thoughts?

  2. Glad you are using this flyer as a template, Sherri! Templates make projects so much more easier to complete. And yes, definitely start thinking and praying about ways to reach the teacher and homeschooling market NOW. -Nancy

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