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Author Interview: Pam Farrel

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Meet Author Pam Farrel!
Web site: Farrel Communications

Pam Farrel is a relationship specialist, international speaker and author of over 25 books, including best-selling Men are like Waffles and Women are like Spaghetti. Pam also has experience as a pastor’s wife, Director of Women’s Ministry, and is President of Seasoned Sisters, ( She has been working with women over 30 years as a cheerleader, coach and challenger, helping women achieve their God-given potential. Pam’s other books include: Red Hot Monogamy, 10 Best Decisions a Woman Can Make, 10 Best Decisions a Parent Can Make, 10 Best Decisions a Couple Can, Woman of Influence, Devotions for Women on the Go!, Got Teens? The Farrels have a newspaper and magazine column on relationships and are frequent guests on shows like Focus on the Family.

woman of confidence new cover
Featured Book: Woman of Confidence: Step Into God’s Adventure for Your Life
To order: Visit Farrel Communications to order this book as well as Pam’s other books!

Q: Describe a highlight for you personally while you were writing this book.
A: I love hearing women’s stories of achieving their dreams, overcoming obstacles and believing God for “God-sized dreams.” I also was encouraged by the Winning Words segments of the book—verses strung together by vital topics like hope, faith, belief, perseverance, etc and personalized so I can pray them over my life and my family and future, just as my readers can pray these powerful words over their lives.

Q: How do you hope to influence today’s generation through this book?
A: We live in a world frozen by fear. Today’s headlines make women feel like staying home and pulling the covers over their heads. I want to encourage, equip and inspire a woman to look for God’s adventure for her life and empower her to step into that exciting dream. Using the STEP method, I have seen women pinpoint their adventure then move into action to achieve it—that is exciting!

Q: How do you land most of your speaking engagements?
A: Usually a meeting planner has either read one of my 25 plus books or heard me on the radio or seen my speak—or a friend has so—word of mouth is the usual route people take to hear about me and connect to me. And I love connecting to leaders especially. I love to help them with practical and personal needs—sometimes this ends up meaning I will come speak for them—other times it means I have just made a new friend!

Q: Share one tip you would like to give about developing a writer’s own ministry based on the book she wrote.
A: Be in the trenches—write from the frontlines of life. The best writing is current, and worked out that day in someone’s life to help with life change then written down to help others. The New Testament says we will be known by our love, so get out there and love people in their messiness and imperfection and God will give you more ways to help more people.

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