Posted by: nancyisanders | August 9, 2009

How to Enjoy a Conference: Part B

For more ways to adjust our attitude so that we can get the most from this SCBWI summer conference, consider the following:

If you hope to prove to everyone that your manuscript is better than the rest and deserves to be published, you’ll probably go home disappointed.
But if you hope to network with other writers and encourage each other to pursue your dreams while improving your craft, you’ll go home with an address book of brand new friends and fellow soulmates.

If you hope to go to the conference and show everyone what you’ve got, you might get into some awkward situations.
But if you hope to learn, grow, listen, and gather, you’ll go home and count the blessings you received during the conference.

If you hope to land a contract for your manuscript, you’ll probably go home empty handed.
But if you hope to learn more about a publishing house or agent and the manuscripts they like to acquire, you’ll go home with a better understanding of the industry and bursting with timely information for the year ahead.

So come on! Enjoy the journey! Treasure the unexpected! Encourage a fellow writer! You’ll get more out of this conference than any other conference that you’ve ever attended.

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