Posted by: nancyisanders | September 9, 2009

Marketing Tip #14: School Visits

I haven’t done many school visits to promote my books, but at the recent SCBWI conference in Los Angeles, I met a pro at school visits. Alan Stacy is a self-taught artist who has illustrated children’s picture books and promotes his books by making school visits throughout the year.

Alan has generously agreed to have me post his sensational flyer here on my blog to help us all learn more about how to make one. Download the front and back pdf files and print them out. (There are 2 separate pdf files to download.)

School Visit Flyer Alan Stacy

School Visit Flyer Alan Stacy back

Use Alan’s flyer as a guide to create your own.

And guess what? As an extra special surprise, Alan will appear as an illustrator interview here on my blog and share even more about making school visits to help market your book.


  1. Nancy, you have the best blog for writers! It’s choc-ful of pertinent info and easy to navigate.
    And thank you, Alan, for sharing your know-how with us. Your illustrations are witty and beautiful.

  2. Thanks so much, Anne! I treasure your kind words.

  3. This is great information, Nancy. As thoroughly as Alan spells the process out, there seems little chance that schools or libraries would be unprepared, surprised by unexpected costs or confused about anything. I look forward to reading the interview, too. Thanks!

  4. That’s what impressed me so much about Alan’s flyer. Wasn’t it great of him to share it with us? Thank you, Alan!

  5. Thanks to everyone for their kind feedback. I owe as much to the folks at Sleeping Bear Press for setting the standard for the format of the flyer; I have customized my brochure over the years with my own personal touches . Much success to anyone undertaking another year of school visits!

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