Posted by: nancyisanders | October 2, 2009

Virtual Book Tour: Step Nine

It’s been great to have you follow along as I’ve been preparing to launch my Virtual Book Tour to celebrate the release of my book, Yes! You Can Learn How to Write Children’s Books, Get Them Published, and Build a Successful Writing Career. Last week and this week I’ve been sharing insider’s tips and letting you peek at how I’m setting it up so you can set up your own!

Starting next Monday from October 5 through October 16, be sure to stop by each day and join the tour! We’ll have free prizes to give away, free downloads to get, and we’ll visit lots of fun writer sites!

On my last posts, I shared what I did first to prepare for my Virtual Book Tour:
Step 1: Schedule a Mini-Retreat
Step 2: E-mail organizations or high-traffic blogs as potential stops
Step 3: Schedule stops on my tour
Step 4: Take new, updated photos of me and my book
Step 5: Make a Book Trailer or video
Step 6: Plan contests, prizes, and freebie
Step 7: Get Feedback from your Critique Group
Step 8: Prepare posts to appear automatically on blog
Step 9: Get the Word Out

The final step I’m planning to take as I’m wrapping up all the preparations for my tour is to start getting the word out. I’m getting my lists of people ready to contact–but I’m not contacting them yet!

In the world of blogs and twitters and Facebook, people gravitate to the here and now. If I send out e-mail announcements to stop by and visit my Virtual Book Tour today, people will click on the links and get this post.

No, I’m going to wait until Monday morning and first thing, bright and early, I’m going to e-mail everyone I can think of and invite them to come by and visit the tour. That way they’ll get my e-mail, click on the link, and arrive at the very first official stop of the tour!

I’m also planning to send out as many individual e-mails as possible. I want to avoid spam filters. Plus, I’m going to try to personalize the invitations as much as possible without having to actually write every single e-mail from scratch. I’ll do this by actually typing the person’s name at the top to say hi and then make the invitations a little bit different for each of the different groups of people I plan to invite to my tour.

I’m going to e-mail editors, publishers, publicists, illustrators, agents, writer’s blogs, listserves, friends, family, and every connection I have been collecting over these last few weeks as I’ve been planning my tour.

I’m blocking off at least 2 hours to do this on Monday, the first official day of my tour, because I want people to join in the fun from the very start!

I’m looking forward to having you hop on board and join the fun, too, next week! Be sure to let me know how you’re enjoying the tour, too!


  1. Great job, Nancy! I appreciate the help you gave me in publishing my novel, The War within Our Public Schools. I wish you the very best!

    Joe Colosimo

  2. Hi Nancy,
    This is an incredible virtual tour! I see why you’ve sold so many books.

    Thanks for sending it to me.


    • Thanks for the kudos, Patty! Glad you could stop on by today.

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