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Virtual Book Tour: Yes! You Can, Day 1

Sanders with Yes! HPIM5515
Welcome to the first official day of my virtual book tour! As many of you know, starting today through October 16 here on my blog, we’re celebrating the release of my new book for writers, Yes! You Can Learn How to Write Children’s Books, Get Them Published, and Build a Successful Writing Career. There will be free downloads to help you on your path to success, chances to win free prizes to motivate your heart as a children’s writer, visits to some awesome sites for writers, and a whole lot of fun, fun, fun!

As the first official stop on my Virtual Book Tour, I’d like to welcome Donna McDine! Thanks Donna for connecting through cyberspace and helping to get the word out about my new book.

Donna has a great website for writers chock full of book reviews, helpful tips, and encouraging words. Click on her link at Write What Inspires You to enjoy an interview she is posting today as part of the tour. (Tip: If you click on her link by pressing a “right click” on your mouse, you can choose the option of opening her link in a new tab or window. That way you can browse through her site but keep this window open so you can come back here to e-mail me for your free download and post a comment to win a chance for a free prize.)

While you’re at Donna’s site, be sure to sign up for her free newsletter. Each month, featured interviews include prominent and upcoming children’s authors, illustrators, and editors in the Children’s Publishing industry. Plus, she has the following columns: Book Review(s), Proclaim Your Successes, Reflections or Dreams, Testimonials, and Supporter Advertisements. What a great gift to receive each issue. Thank you, Donna! And thanks for being a stop on my tour.

Each day during the official tour from October 5 to October 16, if you post a comment here on my blog, I will put your name in a hat. You may post any comment you like, or you may post a comment to answer the Question of the Day.

At the end of the tour, I’m going to have a drawing and pick 3 random names out of my hat. The names that I pick will each get a free prize! (Note, each time you post a comment, I will put your name again in my hat, so you can increase your chances of winning a prize.)

I’m giving away 3 really cool prizes from the store my publisher created to encourage children’s writers like yourself by saying “Yes! You Can.” Click on the link to my store to see even more products for children’s writers.

license plate 387544593v4_350x350_Front

I’m giving away a free license plate that says, “Yes! I AM A CHILDREN’S WRITER” so you can let all the world know you ARE a children’s writer.

journal 387410914v6_350x350_Front
I’m giving away a free writing journal that says, “Yes! You Can” so you can be encouraged to know that you CAN get published, earn an income, and write for personal fulfillment, just as I teach you to do in my book.

coaster tile 387544598v6_350x350_Front
Plus, I’m giving away a free tile coaster that also says, “Yes! You Can” because I want to remind you every single day that you CAN follow your dreams and build a successful career as a children’s writer.

Free Downloads
In my book for children’s writers, Yes! You Can, I tell you lots of insiders tips such as how to make charts to target a publisher, how to write queries to start earning an income, and how to write proposals. Each day of the tour, I’ve decided to give away a free pdf file, Excel chart, or sample document for you to have that will go along with the book! This will really help give you the tools you need to take your career to the next level as you’re reading through the chapters and applying the strategies in my book.

Soooo, for the official first day of my Virtual Book Tour, go ahead! Post a comment here on my blog. I’ll add your name to my hat for a chance to win a prize.

Then click on the link and download this pdf file:

Writer’s Pyramid Workshop

It’s for use with pages 140-147 of my book, Yes! You Can, and will help you lay the foundation for building a successful children’s career in just one month. (I chose the month of May, 2009 to use in my pdf file, but you can use this model for every month of the year.)

The Question of the Day:
What is one of your favorite places to sit and write?

See you tomorrow back here for Day #2 of my Virtual Book Tour! We’ll be visiting a special site that has lots of quotes about my book to let you know what others are saying about it. Plus, you’ll get another chance to enter your name for a prize and can also take advantage of the free download I’m offering to help you build a successful writing career.


  1. Hello Nancy,

    Great Blog!!

    I love to write in my office in the basement with my border collie warming my feet.

    It would be great to be published as easy as you say it is.


    Rita Antoinette Borg

  2. Yeah, Nancy. I’m so excited for you in this journey. I’m looking forward to following the book tour. I’ve learned so much from you already. Thanks for your generous sharing.

  3. Rita, what a great writing buddy you have! And I’d love to hear when you DO get published because yes, it actually is within our grasp to get published if we follow the right strategies. -Nancy

  4. Doraine, I’m so glad you’re with us here on the tour!!! -Nancy

  5. What a great idea you’ve developed to promote your book– an ongoing virtual book tour with prizes that inspire future authors!

    • Thanks, Elaine! I’m glad you’re inspired already. -Nancy

  6. Hi Nancy!
    I love your new picture! I’m excited for you on this book tour. I like to write in peace and quiet, meaning NO KIDS around, while I sit at my kitchen table w/my laptop.
    Happy Day!

    • Tina, your comment brought a smile to my day. Maybe one of these days I could borrow Isaac and have fun playing with him to get more ideas for new projects and you could get some peace and quiet! Smile. Thanks for joining the tour.

  7. My favorite place to write is in my easy chair in the morning, with a mug of coffee, and Willow, my golden retriever, at my feet.
    Then I move up into my office at the computer–Willow tucks himself under the desk–and get to the real writing work.

    • Linda, how wonderful for Willow to be there with you in both phases of your writing! Thanks for sharing, Nancy

  8. Hi Nancy,

    I’m looking forward to following along on your tour. I like your new picture too.

    My favorite place to write is on one of our comfy chairs in the living room, first thing in the morning, with a cup of coffee. My cat is usually on my lap.


    • Thanks Veronica! But now you have me curious…which cat sits on your lap? You have 3! -Nancy

  9. I clicked on your name when I visited another blog’s comment section. It took me to your profile. The link to your website took me to your old blog.
    J. Aday Kennedy
    The Differently-AbledChildren’s Author
    Coming this winter “Klutzy Kantor” picture book

    • Glad you took the time to explore the various sites! Welcome to the tour, J. Aday!

  10. Nancy, I’m so excited about your book and about your virtual book tour!! Thank you for all the many ways you share with us writers and help us.

    I love to write here in my office with a big, 3-section window letting in lots of sunlight and with a bird-feeder right outside.

    Hugs to you,

    • Glad to have you join the tour, Ev! One of these days, I’m hoping to hop on a plane and come visit your wonderful writing space in person. Sunshine and birds and writing…what a precious combination! -Nancy

  11. My compliments, Nancy, on your outstanding presentation at Editor’s Day on Saturday! You are an inspiration to us all!

    I enjoy joining you on your Virtual Book Tour. I know it will be very educational, as everything is that you do for us writers.

    My favorite place to write is in my office at my computer, with pleasant classical music playing. Everything I need is right at hand, and it’s nice and private…

    Good luck with your Virtual Book Tour!

    • I’m so glad my presentation was an inspiration to you, Kay. And thanks for joining in on the tour. Writing to classical music sounds wonderful. -Nancy

  12. Nancy,
    Thanks for all of your sharing. You truly show God’s love and I pray He will bless you. I already went to Amazon to order your new book and your Kid’s Guide to African Amer. I think I shared about the freedman who owned 168 slaves here in New Bern in 1824. His life and many others of this town fascinate me. Lord willing I can share some like you have.

    • Hi Jan, Glad you were able to order the books. Your town’s history sounds so interesting. Blessings along your journey as a writer! -Nancy

  13. Hi Nancy! I’m Karen Imboden’s daughter from Iowa. It’s been fun learning from you, through my mother. We never know just how far the Lord using us is reaching! 🙂 Great idea with your book tour! God bless! Wendy Armstrong

    • Wendy, it’s so nice to “meet” you! I’m glad you’re enjoying the tour. Your mother is such a wonderful person and a joy to know. Blessings, Nancy

  14. Nancy, this is wonderful. I’m so proud of you for helping other writers get started and keep going!

    My favorite place to write, believe it or not, is right here at my desk. It’s in an upstairs bedroom, and I can occasionally look out the window and enjoy the dancing leaves on the branches of the liquid amber trees that fill my yard. I do confess, however, to sometimes sitting in the corner coffee shop and sipping a decaf while I write. It’s a good place to get away from the telephone!


    • Oh Marilyn, the dancing leaves sound so inspirational! And yes, the corner coffee shop sounds like a good retreat, too. -Nancy

  15. Nancy, I, too was inspired by your presentation at the zoo on Saturday. I know I will learn a lot from your virtual book tour.

    My writing place is a spare room in my house filled with sunlight, music, books and an occasional cat or two. I call it “Nathan’s Room,” after my nephew who lived with me for three years. He moved on in 2002, but the name of the space has stuck. Perhaps when I eventually get published, I should dedicate the book “To Nathan, who gave me the space to write.”

    • Thank you, Nancy, for your kind words about Saturday. And your writing space sounds so lovely. Especially how it helps you remember your nephew. And yes, what a precious dedication that will be when you do get published! -Nancy

  16. Hi Nancy:

    My apologies for checking-in so late. Thank you for the lovely mention of my blog. Visitors have been checking in all day and the comments have been terrific.

    It’s been a true pleasure and I look forward to reading your book.


    • Donna, thank you so much for being such a fantastic host for my first official day of the tour! It’s been great to share our links to each other’s sites. Let’s stay connected! -Nancy

  17. Nancy,
    My favorite place to write is in my studio’s sunny corner next to the french door, looking down at my old neighbour’s garden, who sometimes goes on top of the tree just to say Hi to me. (Not bad for an 83 year old.)

    You are a great inspiration to me !


    • Wow, what a great place to write with a fun view of your very friendly neighbor. Smile. And thank you for your sweet words. I hope your writing dreams come true! -Nancy

  18. Nancy, great start to your tour! I love your new book.

    I love to write sitting at my desk until it becomes so cluttered I can’t find the computer! Then I seek out a booth at Burger King or a table at the mall and write. Eventually, I have to give up and clean off the desk!!


    • Thanks, Gloria. And your comment brought a chuckle to me today. Glad you can find the computer when you need to! Hugs, Nancy

  19. Hi, Nancy. I learned about your virtual book tour (great idea!) on the ICL website, and now I have a new favorite writer’s blog! 🙂 Blessings to you.

    • Welcome to the tour, Sheila! And thanks for such sweet words. -Nancy

  20. Hi, Nancy,

    I learned a lot about your book tour. I have also learned a lot about the process of writing your book.

    Thanks so much for that! What a wonderful journey it has been.


  21. What a great idea! You’re really inspiring.
    Thank you for sharing your ideas and know how.


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