Posted by: nancyisanders | October 14, 2009

Virtual Book Tour: Yes! You Can, Day 8

Welcome back to my virtual book tour! It’s been so much fun to have you all join me last week and this week here on my blog to celebrate the release of my new book for writers, Yes! You Can Learn How to Write Children’s Books, Get Them Published, and Build a Successful Writing Career.

For today’s official stop on my tour, we’re visiting the blog of WriteShop, the fantastic incremental writing program for teaching kids how to write. Click on the link to In Our Write Minds for today’s Virtual Book Tour!

While you’re there, check out the great resources WriteShop offers for the budding writers in your life. I wish I had studied this program when I was in school!

Each day during the official tour from today until October 16, if you post a comment here on my blog, I will put your name in a hat. I’m getting so many names stuffed in my hat! There are still three days left for a chance to add your name to the free drawing. I’ll be posting the winner’s names next Monday, October 19 here on my blog.

You may post any comment you like, or you may post a comment to answer the Question of the Day.

Question of the Day:
Is there a special child in your life that you write for?

At the end of the tour, I’m going to have a drawing and pick 3 random names out of my hat. The names that I pick will each get a free prize!

I’m giving away 3 really cool prizes from the store my publisher created to encourage children’s writers like yourself by saying “Yes! You Can.” I’m giving away a
* free license plate
* free writing journal
* free tile coaster

Free Downloads
Each day of the tour, I’ve decided to give away a free pdf file, Excel chart, or sample document for you to have that will go along with my book! This will really help give you the tools you need to take your career to the next level as you’re reading through the chapters and applying the strategies in my book.

Click on the link and download this file:

First Page

This is an actual first page of a manuscript I submitted for publication. It will show you the format editors expect to see when they receive a manuscript submission. This is for use with pages 298-300 in my book.

See you tomorrow back here for Day #9 of my Virtual Book Tour! On the next to last day of my tour, we’ll be visiting the blog of a former-teacher-turned-writer and stay-at-home mom! Plus, you’ll get another chance to enter your name for a prize and can also take advantage of the free download.


  1. While I don’t write with a special child in mind, I do like to find ways to include the names of those special children in books I write or contribute to. In WriteShop Primary, for example, I inserted the names of my children, grandchildren, and kids from church in the sample paragraphs I wrote for each of your three books. That’s always fun for me, and when the kids (or their parents) see their names in print, they get so excited!

    • Kim, this is so fun!!!! Now I’ll have to go on a treasure hunt and look for their names! -Nancy

  2. I write with my children in mind. Even if it’s not on their level, one of these days they will be able to read it!

    • That’s so true, Tina! They’ll be old enough before you know it. -Nancy

  3. All my children are grown and I don’t yet have little grandchildren (just one 14-year-old granddaughter who came into our lives 3 years ago). But I do have lots of great nieces and nephews and often I do include their names in my stories so the stories will be special for them.


    • I think that’s great, Ev, that you include names of you family members in your stories. That really DOES make it special!

  4. Yes, there’s a young man in Bolivia who inspires a lot of what I do.

    • I can tell there’s an interesting story behind this story, Diane!

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