Posted by: nancyisanders | October 15, 2009

Virtual Book Tour: Yes! You Can, Day 9

Welcome back to my virtual book tour! For the past two weeks, we’ve been celebrating the release of my new book for writers, Yes! You Can Learn How to Write Children’s Books, Get Them Published, and Build a Successful Writing Career.

For today’s stop on my tour, we’ve visiting the blog of Tina Cho! Tina was a teacher before she moved here to southern California and joined two of my writer’s groups last year. She’s just been writing for a little over one year, now, but is an inspiration to all of us in her groups for all the times she’s been published and all the manuscripts she’s submitted in that short of a time. Way to go, Tina! And thanks for being part of my tour.

As today’s stop on the tour, click on the link to Tina’s brand new blog, Tina’s Tidbits.
And then, stop by her blog, Tina’s Educational Tidbits where she posts educational activities to do with your children as well as book reviews–including my very own picture book, D is for Drinking Gourd!
And if you want to be encouraged, be sure to read her inspirational blog, Tina’s Devotional Tidbits. Enjoy!

Each day during the official tour from today until October 16, if you post a comment here on my blog, I will put your name in a hat. I’m getting so many names stuffed in my hat! Today and tomorrow are still left for a chance to add your name to the free drawing by posting a comment. I’ll be announcing the winner’s names next Monday, October 19 here on my blog.

You may post any comment you like, or you may post a comment to answer the Question of the Day.

Question of the Day:
What is your favorite children’s book of all time?

After midnight tomorrow, I’m going to have a drawing and pick 3 random names out of my hat. The names that I pick will each get a free prize!

I’m giving away 3 really cool prizes from the store my publisher created to encourage children’s writers like yourself by saying “Yes! You Can.” I’m giving away a
* free license plate
* free writing journal
* free tile coaster

Free Downloads
Each day of the tour, I’ve decided to give away a free pdf file, Excel chart, or sample document for you to have that will go along with my book! This will really help give you the tools you need to take your career to the next level as you’re reading through the chapters and applying the strategies in my book.

Click on the link and download this file:


This is the bibliography I submitted to the publisher for the first book in my upcoming 4-book Middle Grade historical fiction series, Black Patriots in the American Revolution #1: A Dangerous Search. This is for use with pages 330-333 of my book, Yes! You Can and can be used as a reference when you are required to submit a bibliography, too.

See you tomorrow for the very last day of the tour! Be sure to set your clocks for 12:00 noon, Pacific Standard Time. As a special end of the tour event, I’ll be giving a live interview with Suzanne Lieurance at Book Bites for Kids on blogtalk radio. It would be great to have you join us. Check out the site right now or stop in early tomorrow for the details!


  1. There are too many favorites to choose a single title, and they change from year to year, but one that always lands in my favorites is Ferdinand.

    • I knew this would be a tough challenge for us today to just choose one, Doraine, but Ferdinand is timeless!

  2. What fun! I get to be the first person to respond today.

    I can’t tell you what my favorite children’s book of all time is, because I have too many for that. But I will tell you a huge favorite from my childhood and it was the first book with chapters I ever owned–The Adventures of Mabel by Harry Thurston Peck. I asked for it for my birthday. We didn’t have money to go out and buy lots of books like folks do today, so that book was very special to me. I still have it today. It has a chewed up cover edge where my younger sister borrowed it and then left it where our dog could get it. (You’ve heard of “devouring a book,” right?) As you can imagine, I wasn’t too happy with her at the time.

    I have wonderfully fond memories of my mom reading this book to me before I was old enough to read myself. I loved Mabel and her adventures so much that that’s why I wanted my very own copy.

  3. Oops! It took me so long to write my response that I wasn’t the first after all. LOL

    • Ev, I’ve never heard of this book! I’m going to look it up right away! And what a history yours has. Dog and sister and all. Smile.

      • Yes, Ev, I think Doraine was the early bird who caught the worm!

  4. My favorite TV show of all time is Little House on the Prairie and that love first came from reading the books as a child. I’ve always desired to live in such a simple time and I cherished the relationship Laura had with her Pa. My relationship with my Dad was great until my parents divorced when I was 11 and I yearned for his attention and affection. Charles Ingalls filled some holes in my heart.

    • Raelene, this just shows how powerful and far-reaching words can go when we sit down to write. First the children’s books, then the TV show, and then into your child’s heart. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. There are so many, but if I must pick it would be the Nancy Drew books. I read every one of them. Then I read them again.

    • I know another gal who loves the Nancy Drew books, too, Pam! Thanks for joining the tour.

  6. I don’t really have a favorite one. As someone else mentioned above, I also like the Little House Books. It’s terrible but I don’t remember any favorite book I read as a child. I remember when I was young we went to Youngs Dept Store and downstairs is where they had bins of small toys and children’s books. I remember getting a large book of Fairy Tales. It was huge and I loved that book.

    • Even tho you don’t remember other books, Janet, the Fairy Tales book sounds like a treasure!

  7. Hey Nancy,
    what a great idea this blog tour is! I can see you’re having a lot of fun.

    As for my favorite book growing up, the one/s I read over and over ad nauseum were The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. There was a time when I could recite huge passages from the lot and answer any trivia question you could throw at me.

    I haven’t read them in a while, but I still love fantasy and–of course–I’m working on writing my own.

    Good luck with your tour and your great new book.

    • Rilla, you must have been thrilled with the movies came out! And thanks for the well wishes. It was nice to have you stop by and join the tour!

  8. Just for the record, I wanted to share what my favorite children’s book is…this is a tough decision, but RIGHT NOW (and that can change at any minute!) my favorite children’s book of all time is Charlotte’s Web. I still have my copy from when I was a child. In fact, look up at the top of the page and you’ll see it in the picture along with some of my other childhood favorites I still have.

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