Posted by: nancyisanders | December 14, 2009

Gifts for Writer Friends

It’s that time of year for holiday and Christmas parties! It’s been so precious making and receiving gifts from many of my dear friends who are writers. Here are some of the HOMEMADE presents I’ve received from 2 of my groups. Maybe they’ll help jumpstart ideas for making gifts to give writer friends you want to bless this year or next:

* Shirley hand-painted precious wooden angels and sheep to hang on our tree.
* Fran filled a man’s white tube sock with jasmine rice, knotted the end and tied on a cheery red ribbon. Then on the toe, she stitched on two black button eyes and a red button mouth in the shape of a heart. Instructions are to heat for 3 minutes in the microwave and put on our neck while we curl up with a good book to read (or write!).
* Catherine crocheted a cute bookmark for us to put in our favorite how-to-write book.
* Merrily made a batch of cookies for us all from a recipe her grandmother taught her to cook.
* Jeanine filled a tall narrow vase with potting soil and planted several small cactus on top. It adds a cheerful touch to my writing nook.
* Marge knit a sachet pouch that holds a delightful blend of pine–it makes me feel like I’m outdoors in the Hundred Acre Woods walking with Winnie-the-Pooh.
* Priscilla found an inspirational quote for writers and added a sweet illustration she drew. Her little card has a small tagboard stand so it can stand on my desk next to my computer.

And of course, there were lots of store-bought goodies and treats, too! And in two of my groups, we exchanged wrapped used writer’s books for a fun surprise. Thank you, dear friends, one and all!

(What kind of homemade gifts does your writer’s group exchange this time of year?)


  1. What great ideas, Nancy. Thanks so sharing them…and thanks for including mine. I so enjoyed making the sachets and thinking of all of you as I knit. But I’m going to remember ALL these gift suggestions for future use!

  2. Marge, it’s so precious to have your special gift! And this isn’t the first time you’ve given us handmade gifts. Last year you cross-stitched us each a beautiful bookmark. I use it in my Bible!

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