Posted by: nancyisanders | December 16, 2009

Gift: A Christmas Ornament

This year I had fun making special Christmas ornaments for all my writer friends in Wordsmiths. It was so much fun, I thought you’d like to know how to make them, too!

Materials Needed:
1 glass ornament in a pale solid color for each writer friend (I used dark cream)
1-inch wide Christmas ribbon in coordinating color
thin fabric ribbon in coordinating color)
Mod Podge (found in craft store)
small paintbrush
Printable picture (see below for details)

First I found one special picture for each of my writer friends that held significance for this past year. For instance, Gloria sold her cute story about a frog this past year, so I found a clipart of a cute frog. Veronica got her first book published, so I found an image of the book’s cover.

On my publishing program, I imported all these images and scaled each one down to be about 1-inch big. Then I found a Scripture verse: Glory to God in the Highest. -Luke 2:14. I typed this in red in a small textbox that was about 1-inch big. (You can also add the date for the current year.)

I printed out all these images on sturdy cream-colored paper and a Scripture verse to go along with each one. Then I tore them out so each one was about 1-inch big. (You can cut if you want straight edges rather than torn edges.)

Using just a tiny bit of Mod Podge, I painted the back of one picture. Then I “glued” it on the front of the glass ornament. Then I spread Mod Podge over the front of the image. It doesn’t take much or the ink might start to smear. (Also, as I found out, too much Mod Podge dries too thick and you can’t see the image clearly.) So just paint on the bare minimum to cover the image and “glue” it to the ornament.

Allow to dry. Then repeat with the Scripture on the back of the ornament.

When dry, tie on a thin ribbon for hanging and a pretty ribbon for decoration, and it’s ready to hang on the tree! This picture is the ornament with my new book cover on the front. I made it first as a practice run.

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