Posted by: nancyisanders | February 12, 2010

Virtual Book Tour, Day 10: America’s Black Founders

Welcome to the last day of my Virtual Book Tour! It’s been so exciting to have you all join along. Haven’t we visited some great sites together as we’re celebrating Black History Month along with the release of my new book, America’s Black Founders?

For today’s Official Stop on the tour, we’re visiting Kelly Starling Lyons’ blog, Kuumba. After you read the interview, be sure to post a comment and introduce yourself to Kelly. Then take time to visit her other site, The Brown Bookshelf. Kelly’s celebrating Black History Month all month long by interviewing children’s authors of color. Thank you for all your hard work, Kelly and friends, who are providing such an amazing resource for parents and educators and writers at this site!

On this last official day of the tour, I wanted to showcase a picture at the top of this post of the four children’s books I’ve written about African American History. Here’s a little background about each one:

America’s Black Founders: Features historical documents and images and highlights the important legacy African American Founding Fathers and Mothers gave to America during the early years of our nation.

A Kid’s Guide to African American History: Provides a comprehensive overview from Africa’s glorious kingdoms during the Middle Ages, through colonial days in American, on to the Civil War, and then the Civil Rights Movement, and on up through current events in America.

Readers Theatre African American History: A collection of readers theatre plays for middle grade students that makes history come alive!

D is for Drinking Gourd: An African American Alphabet: This beautifully illustrated picture book showcases the rich contributions made by African Americans throughout this nation’s history. Simple text on each page can be read to the very young, while university-level information along the sidebars can be used with older students.

America’s Black Founders: Did You Know?
Phillis Wheatley was the first African American to publish a book. Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral hit the printing presses in 1773. She was also a fiery patriot who hoped that the American Revolution would bring an end to slavery. Her handwritten poem, “Ocean,” is in the private collection of Mark. E. Mitchell Collection of African American History.

Question of the Day:
What is one of your favorite books about African American history?

Today is the last day to get your name in my hat for a drawing to win a prize. Each time you posted a comment here on my blog, I put your name in a hat. To be eligible for the drawing, you may post any comment you like, or you may post a comment to answer the Question of the Day. When you post a comment, I put your name in the hat. And, if you e-mail me for a freebie, I’ll put your name in a hat again. After midnight tonight, I’ll draw out four names to win the prizes. I’ll announce the winners back here on my blog on Monday!

Today’s freebie is a word file of a column I wrote for subscribers only for the Writer’s online magazine. It helps answer the question: Do you have what it takes to be a successful children’s writer? To receive today’s freebie, e-mail me at Write in the subject line: Writer. I’ll e-mail you the file and put your name in my hat for a drawing to win a prize.

Each day I’m giving away a free downloadable pdf file as part of a teacher’s guide to go along with my book. Each time you e-mail me a request for that day’s worksheet, I’ll put your name in my hat to win a prize. I’ll draw out a winner’s name on the last day of the tour.

To get today’s freebie, send me an e-mail at Write in the subject line: Vocabulary. I’ll e-mail you another one-page pdf file of a vocabulary worksheet for students to complete to learn key vocabulary words found in my book.

Thanks, once again, for joining my tour! It’s been a lot of fun. See you back here on Monday when I announce the 4 prize winners.


  1. I like “Freedom Riders” by Ann Bausum and the PB “Wilma Unlimited” by Kathleen Krull.

    I’m going to e-mail this blog tour to my son’s 5th grade teacher. I can’t wait to dig in to your book!


    • It’s fun to learn what your favorites are, Jenny! And thanks for spreading the news about the tour. Teachers can follow the archived tour with their students at any time just by starting on my blog on Feb 1 and following all the links. -Nancy

      • Nancy, what are some of your favorite books about African American History?


      • Jenny, as I look over all the books I now own in my personal research library about African American history, I feel that so many of them are like my friends. Not because they’re just books, but because many of them are biographies about men and women who have changed my life and influenced me in tremendous ways and I feel that these people are now my friends. So I think my number one favorite is the new AFRICAN AMERICAN NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY. It’s the best collection of biographies of them all! -Nancy

  2. Hi Nancy,

    I really like Tina’s idea from yesterday…that it would be totally awesome if you sent your books, D is for Drinking Gourd, and especially America’s Black Founders, to President and Mrs. Obama!! Is there some way you could find out how to send them, so you’d be sure they received them?? Perhaps contact your local Congressman? I think President Obama would be “wowed” by American’s Black Founders!!
    Good luck with this.


    • Marge, that is really sweet of you to suggest these things, too. Actually, when Obama was still Senator, I sent him a copy of D IS FOR DRINKING GOURD and he sent me a very gracious reply! I have his letter in my scrapbook. Now that he is President, things operate a little differently. My publisher of AMERICA’S BLACK FOUNDERS looked into this but the law states that while someone is President, any gift he receives becomes the property of the United States, so it’s not really possible to easily send him a book and have it reach him. We actually did contact President Obama through the regular channels someone has to use to contact the President about the release of the new book, so hopefully, it will be brought to his attention in that way. Again, thanks! And thanks for joining the tour!-Nancy

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