Posted by: nancyisanders | February 15, 2010

Virtual Book Tour, Bonus Day: America’s Black Founders

America’s Black Founders
Available at

Thank you one and all for joining me on my Virtual Book Tour! We had a lot of fun these past two weeks together. I truly appreciate all your encouraging words about my book. And it was a joy to learn so much about America’s Black Founders together as we celebrated Black History Month.

Guess what? Today as a surprise we have a Bonus Stop on my Tour! Click on the link to Renee Gray-Wilburn’s very informative site for children’s writers, A Way With Words Writing. She’s hosting one more interview about America’s Black Founders as a surprise stop on my tour today.

My hat was stuffed very full with all the names of people who posted comments during the tour on my blog and e-mailed me for freebies. I pulled out four names to give away prizes today. And the winners are…drumroll, please!

Beth Bence Reinke
Tina Cho
Terri Forehand
Karen Cioffi

Congratulations to these four gals! Please e-mail me at and we’ll make arrangements for me to ship your prize to each of you.

Thanks again for joining in on my Virtual Book Tour!


  1. Hi Nancy,
    I enjoyed tagging along on your tour, visiting all the sites and reading everyone’s comments. I wish the best for your book! Thanks for bring this part of our American history to life!

    • Thanks for joining in the tour, Veronica! And thanks for your well wishes. -Nancy

  2. Wow, Wah Hoo!

    • Yes, congratulations, Karen!!!! And it was great to have you on board the tour.-Nancy

  3. I’m so excited! Thanks so much, Nancy and all best with your books. ;o)

    • Congratulations to you, too, Beth! It was great having you join in on my tour. -Nancy

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