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Author Interview: Syeda Mleeha Shah

Meet Author and Artist Syeda Mleeha Shah!
Website: My World of Peace

Featured Book: Peace In My World
ISBN # 978-1-61663-009-6

Peace In My World by Syeda Mleeha Shah joins readers of all ages in an exploration of the meaning of peace.This title specifically focuses on the representation of diversity and the appreciation of nature among young children. Readers even have the opportunity to learn the word peace in five different languages!

Syeda Mleeha Shah is dedicated to promoting peace through the representation of diversity and nature among young children. She is an early childhood educator, artist and author of children’s books. She spent time in Pakistan working exclusively with children in refugee camps, local hospitals, and rural areas. Syeda Mleeha Shah resides in Virginia.

Q: Describe your typical writing schedule.
I enjoy writing the most when I am around children. My favorite time is recess when I am outdoors with a group of children listening to their interesting conversations and descriptions of nature. I collect their words, observations, reactions and tons of  colorful descriptions of everything around, and take notes. Later on in my free time I put it all together in a form of poem or a story. Being a teacher makes it a lot easier for me to observe and write with understanding about the interests and attributes of young children.

Q: What writer’s how to books do you have on your bookshelf, and which one is your favorite?
There are a few of them, however the 1st one is my favorite.
1. From Inspiration to Publication  (The Institute of Children’s Literature)
2. Book Markets for Children’s Writers
3. SEARCHING: A research guide for children’s writers
4. How to Write a Children’s Book AND Get it Published, by Barbara Seuling

Q: What is your educational background and how does it help you as a children’s writer?
I completed a Masters in Social Work (1998- 2001) in Pakistan. I coordinated several community development projects sponsored by UNICEF within survival camps and rural areas in Pakistan. My experience of working directly with unprivileged children brought me an inspiration to write. I have been an early childhood educator since 2002 and presently I offer early childhood education and development programs for young children in Sandston, VA. I completed the course of studies in Writing for Children and Teenagers from the Institute of Children’s Literature in 2007. I am a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators,

Q: Share one tip you would like to give about taking a writing class?
When taking a writing class your focus shall be on learning how to write and strengthening your writing skills rather than what to write about. The topic of your writing must be determined by your experiences or ideas, the class or writing course shall only help you bring it all together.


  1. Very nice interview. Thanks for sharing all of these great books and authors on your blog. I enjoy learning about some I am not familiar with. Thanks also for the book I won. It is a fabulous addition to my learning library and will be inspirational in my writing career.


    • You’re welcome, Terri! And I’m so glad you’re enjoying your new book. -Nancy

  2. Thanks for this – I will be looking for this book for my daughter!

  3. Nice interview.

  4. I like the idea of Syeda Mleeha Shah about learning how to write. Several people have ideas of what to write about but they don’t know how to write. Some one can be gifted to write well but this gift comes through hard work. I am proud of Mrs. Shah who has not only learnt about the American culture in such a short time but also has started writing children’s books.

  5. As a writer working on a YA novel and an advocate of diversity, I am happy to learn more about this lovely book and this site. Keep up the good work!

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