Posted by: nancyisanders | March 1, 2010

Book in a Month Club!

It’s March and it’s finally here again! The Book in a Month Club!

It’s crazy, it’s zany, but it’s fun, fun, fun! Each year, here on my blog, I host the Book in a Month Club where the challenge is to write one book from beginning to end. It can be a novel. It can be a middle grade chapter book. It can be a puzzle book. It can be a picture book. The only rules there are is that it has to be started and completed from beginning to end all in one month!

So if you’re up to the challenge, hop on board and join the adventure. Post a comment today and make the commitment to write one entire book in just one month.

Stay tuned here on my blog for tips, author interviews, and fun, fun, fun!

To learn about how we’ve celebrated the Book in a Month Club in past years, click on the link.


  1. I’m in!

    • Hip hip hooray, Mayra! I’m already working on my book this morning–can’t wait to hear how yours comes along, too. -Nancy

  2. Hi Nancy, I am in for the challenge. This is so much more motivating than writing articles for me because books are where my heart is. Thanks for the opportunity. I will start today.

    • Oh fantastic, Terri! And you know, I’m the same way. I mean, I write articles, but there is just something truly magical and special about writing a book. I’m so exciting you’re joining in on the fun! -Nancy

  3. Nancy –
    I am signing on again this year. Making these commitments with your blog keeps me moving forward.


    • I’m excited you’re joining us again, Diane! -Nancy

  4. Great Nancy – you read my mind! I’m putting March aside for me and my book! (as much as possible) I’ll try my best – thanks for the inspiration.

    • You’re welcome, Laura! I hope this will help you really get your book from your heart onto paper. -Nancy

  5. This is a great idea Nancy. I plan to participate this month. Thanks.

    • Kristi, I’m so glad you’re going to do this, too! -Nancy

  6. This is perfect! My next (and last) assignment for ICL is to do an outline for a children’s chapter book. So I get as far as I can and will appreciate any input!

    • What perfect timing, Linda! And wow–I can’t believe you’re finishing up your last assignment already. It seemed like it flew by. -Nancy

  7. I’m going to join in unofficially. I’m over half way through my Reader’s Theatre book and would love to have it done by the end of March. So I’m making that my goal. It’s not really a book in a month, but if I could finish it in a month, I would certainly feel like I’d accomplished something!

    • Doraine, this is so cool. Isn’t the Reader’s Theatre book the contract you landed LAST year during the Book in a Month Club when we tried to land a book contract all in one month? And now you’re going to finish it up in this year’s Book in a Month Club?!!! I think we should give you a special happy dance to celebrate!!! -nancy

  8. This is great! I HAVE to finish my manuscript this month. I like this extra motivation.

  9. I HAVE to finish my manuscript this month. I like this extra motivation.

    • Fantastic, Gwendolyn! I’m just getting motivated by everyone’s enthusiasm, too. -Nancy

  10. Yes, Nancy. This is the contract I landed after last year’s book in a month. I love happy dances!

  11. I am going to try to do it this year!

    • Paula, I’m impressed. Especially because you just landed your first book contract, too!!! Wahoo! You’re on a roll. -Nancy

  12. Nancy-
    Count me in! I’ve written one new pb since last Thanksgiving and have ideas for several more. This is just the kick in the seat that I need. Thank you!

    • You’re in, Sue! Your next pb is gonna be great–I just know it! -Nancy

  13. Nancy,

    Count me in. I am so looking forward to it!


  14. Hi Nancy,
    I just came across your site while searching for something else. Count me in on the challenge. Will let you know how it turns out. -Linda

    • Fantastic, Linda! I can hardly wait to hear. -Nancy

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