Posted by: nancyisanders | April 7, 2010

Welcome to My World

It’s Easter vacation time! My husband, Jeff, is home and on vacation from teaching fourth grade. We’re enjoying the sunshine and the relaxation. He has an extra long vacation this year because California teachers are taking furlough days with the budget cuts. So he got Good Friday off, this week off, and also next Monday off. It’s been a treat!

I’m taking a much needed break from writing and getting all charged up to finish the last chapters of my current book deadline: Yes! You Can Learn How To Write Beginning Readers. It’s the second book in my Yes! You Can series. It’s been such a fun journey working on this book and after vacation I’ll be finishing it up so it can hopefully be published by fall, 2010.

I’m gearing up to start working on my next 3 book deadlines: Books A, B, and C of WriteShop Junior. This is an incremental writing program to teach homeschoolers in upper elementary the skills to write. It will be the bridge to fill the gap from the WriteShop Primary curriculum I wrote for kindergarten through 2nd grade and the WriteShop I and II curriculum which teaches homeschooling students in junior and senior high the skills they need to be effective and successful writers.

While I’m finishing up one book deadline, I’ll be starting the other. There are so many tasks to prepare to write for the second project that it will give me a break from the intense writing I’m doing on the first deadline. That’s how I can overlap these two projects slightly. I’ll spend the mornings (my most productive writing time) writing my Yes! You Can book. Then, in the afternoon when my brain is tired and not as creative, I’ll be working with the publishers of WriteShop to fine-tune the format. I’ll also be reading through lots of writing books for elementary students to gather ideas and brainstorm for exciting and effective ways to teach writing skills to kids.

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