Posted by: nancyisanders | April 12, 2010

Welcome to My World!

I want to share some things I’ve been preparing for so you can understand and be inspired to prepare for new book projects, too.

I have an idea for a brand new book. It’s under top secret wraps at this time so I can’t tell you what it is.

I have a publisher who is interested in it. This means that I sent out a quick pitch for the idea. It was a very quick pitch because the publisher already has a series for this kind of book and all I had to do was pitch a title to them and they said that they are interested in receiving the proposal. Just from the title alone. That’s the joy of pitching ideas to editors when they already have a series going. Asking them if they want a book to fit into their series by mentioning a potential title tells them quickly exactly what the book will be like. It will cover the topic mentioned in the title and fit the format and voice of the series they already publish.

Because I’ve already written several books for this publisher, I’m fairly confident that they will accept the proposal I’m now working on to send to them since they are interested in my pitch. So I made a daring move.

I scheduled a trip to visit the one main museum in the nation that houses the collection about my topic.

Here’s what I did:
First, I did an initial scan of the research I’ll need to do to write my new book. Most of what I need is in that one museum.

Next, I looked around to see if there might be anything going on in that part of the country. There is! There is a big writer’s conference going on near the museum.

My next step was to e-mail the conference director and ask if she would like to have me speak at that big writer’s conference. She was interested! She offered me a speaking engagement plus partial travel expenses and payment.

Then I spoke with members of my family and they’d love to come back for a fun vacation to this same spot, knowing that I will need to take some time from our vacation for photo shoots and touring the museum. Since they love this kind of thing anyhow and have helped me with research and photo shoots before, they’re all excited.

So now it’s settled! We’ve got a 2-week family vacation planned in August that includes a 3- day writer’s conference and a 1-day museum tour. I get to have fun with my family AND get part of it paid AND get to write a lot of it off for taxes.

That’s how I get my research done. Now…back to writing that book proposal!


  1. Wow, Nancy! What a way to plan a vacation. I can’t wait to find out about your secret topic!

  2. Nancy,

    I am very excited for you for this new book and the timing is perfect! It was meant to be!!!
    Keep us posted!
    😀 Diane

    • Thanks Diane and Tina! I’ll let you know as things progress and I can let the “cat out of the bag.” -Nancy

  3. Take us with you! Well, at least have a ton of fun for the Crawford family (((o;

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