Posted by: nancyisanders | May 26, 2010

Critique Groups Inspire Us

I always feel so inspired when I go to one of my critique groups. I feel inspired because I see other writers taking time out of their hectic schedules to pursue their dreams. This helps me take the time to pursue my dreams, too.

I feel inspired when I see other writers taking time to read each other’s manuscripts and offer valuable feedback. It helps me want to do the same for them too.

I feel inspired when I hear marketing news, success of different members, and information about local conferences to attend. It makes me want to be successful, dig up marketing news to share, and go to conferences, too.

How do you feel inspired at your critique groups?


  1. oh you make me feel envious!
    There is nothing around here… But I realise I am doing it a bit differently: via internet.
    I am always willing to help the new writers who ask for it. I have often read manuscripts for a friend I have never met.
    I remember asking severall people to read my stories believing I had to improve them…always via internet…
    But I do not do that on regular base any longer.
    Because you see… french people have a different way of thinking and writting…
    I haven’t the french way !!
    And I think I don’t really like them to say what is best when I don’t have the same way of saying things!!(I was brought up by a dutch father and a scottish mother)
    But reading about what you live… mmm I would like to have a relying group!

    • Nicole, I hope you connect with a group soon, even over the Internet! I’ll give some more tips on this here on my blog soon…

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