Posted by: nancyisanders | June 10, 2010

Summer Reading Club

What are you writing this summer? What are you reading?

As writers, our on-the-job training is one of the most delightful experiences on the planet: we get to read, read, read!

Yesterday I stopped by our local public library to drop off a stack of books so huge my husband had to help me carry them. And then I checked out my new stack of books: picture books I had ordered online and that were now like new friends sitting in a row on the library “hold” shelf, waiting to come home with me.

I brought them home and immediately fell in love with an all-time new favorite! Splat the Cat. If you haven’t yet read it, run in a stampede out to your library or the bookstore and read it!!!! I can’t decide which I like better, the art or the story. I can’t decide who I like the most, Splat or Seymore. But I know this…I love it!

I’ve already read it a gazillion times. I sat down with my husband Jeff and we read it together on the couch. I told part of it to my son over the phone. I wished I had a little one to snuggle with and read it it!

So then I got an idea: Let’s have a Summer Reading Club! I saw signs for kids to sign up for one at our library. I wanna be in a Summer Reading Club, too! If you want to “join” just make it your goal to read, read, read your way through summer over the next few months.

I’ll be sharing some of my favorite reads here on my blog over the next few months, and I hope you’ll share some of your favorites, too!


  1. What a great idea! My kids always participate in our local library’s summer reading club, and I want to join too! Have you read the Mo Willems books? For the past two years my son, now 6 yrs. old, has looked forward to new books in his Gerald and Piggie series. Easy readers that are very funny. -Mitzi

    • Oh Mitzi, welcome on board our Summer Reading Club! And I love Mo Willems’ book, Knuffle Bunny Too, but I’ve never read his Gerald and Piggie series. I’m putting them on my list to get next time I go to our library!

  2. I love the idea of a Summer Reading Club. Of course, anything that suggests reading would sound good to me. 😉

    • Great, Beverley! I’m looking forward to hearing about the books you read. -Nancy

  3. Yes! A reading club for adults who like to read books from the kids’ shelf! I love it. And like you, Nancy, I bring stacks of pb home. It is so bad (or good) that when the librarians see me walk through the door, they don’t ask my name but reach for the two and a half foot stack of books. I have a roller cart, much like a grocery cart, to take away my haul.

    My favorite pb book last week…oh, how to narrow it down…Gimme Cracked Corn, And I Will Share by Kevin O’Malley. Full of word play.

    • Yippee, Mary Ann! You’re joining the Summer Reading Club! And I’m adding O’Malley’s book to my list to read! -Nancy

  4. Cute idea! Anna read “Splat” and we liked it too. I think I fell in love with the illustrations! I’ve been posting book reviews of 2009-2010 new picture books on my educational blog as well.

  5. Tina, I just peeked over at your blog and I love how you’re featuring all these fantastic picture book reviews!!!! I’m going to give everyone your link next week here on my blog so they can stop by and see all the fun reviews that you’re posting. (And I love Knuffle Bunny, Too! too!) Smile. -Nancy

    • Oh, how kind of you, Nancy! Anna & I love the “new books” shelf at our local library.

      • Oh Tina, what a treasure! I have 2 local libraries I go to and I’ve never seen a “new books” shelf that has picture books on it. Now I’m going to search to see if they have that. It sounds fantastic! -Nancy

  6. Great Idea Nancy. I think I will be doing other things this summer “The Moving Club” but I actually have been reading some older YA, Newberry winners in the tub when I am de-stressing so I guess that counts 🙂


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