Posted by: nancyisanders | July 19, 2010

A Zillion Zany Zingers

I know a lot of us are reading our way through the summer!

How delightful!!!

And as I’m reading, I’m adding to my writer’s notebook that I call: A Zillion Zany Zingers: Nancy’s Dictionary of Wow Words, Fun Phrases, and Tips to Tickle Young Readers!

In this 3-ring binder, I include these sections such as:
Words that are good to use in titles such as: danger, secret, frantic, search
Fun names to give characters such as: Bingo, Smudge, Mrs. Grouch
Cute sayings such as: You’re up to your ears in crocodiles!
First lines and last lines of books
And a dictionary of great words such as ding-a-ling, twitterpated, and yahoo

I also have a list of words I made up or extra special words I saw. Recently, I added 2 new words to this list:

Taradiddle: This is an actual word that means a fib
Pinkletink: This is what folks on Martha’s Vineyard call a Spring Peeper or tiny frog that is just 1-inch big

I love adding words, phrases, and passages of text to my writer’s notebook. I also enjoy browsing through it for ideas to use in my stories.

Do you have a writer’s notebook where you collect your favorite writing tidbits? If so, what do you write in it? If not, get a notebook and paper and start your very own writer’s notebook today!


  1. I’m not as well organised so it just goes in a file…
    But your Pinkletink sounds like what I just wrote down “Cloquet” but couldn’t find anything about it! The friend just mentioned it was called like that related to the noise it makes in the rain??!!

    Last adventure at the library… this time I had to call for the person responsible… they refused to let me go off with my books!
    I should be ok next time, I will have a special favor from now on!! :-))

    I have added a detail in my note book: the number of pages… you can then see how many pages the publishers favour!

  2. Looking for more informations on the Cloquet, I read that in New brunswick, canada they say ” tinkletoes”
    ever so sweet!!

    • Yes, Nicole, I discovered “tinkletoes” too…isn’t this fun?! -Nancy

  3. I keep a notebook filled with newspaper clippings, drawings from my kids, and other tidbits for inspiration. I also have some family photos and love notes from my hubby for those days I need encouragement.

    I created this binder after reading your Yes! You Can book, so it also includes a section for targeting publishers and other office type lists. Thanks Nancy for getting me organized!–Mitzi

    • Mitzi, I love your binder! What a great idea to keep all those great inspirational resources in it. -Nancy

  4. Once again, thanks for the inspiration, Nancy! I started a “Wonderful Words for Writing” document this morning and added 15 pirate words I just read in a picture book. I think I’ll do mine by theme.

    • Tina, What a great idea to organize by theme! _Nancy

  5. I don’t have a book like that started, but it sounds like i need to. I hear all kinds of funny words when I am out and about in my environment. Thanks.

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