Posted by: nancyisanders | August 4, 2010

Summer Vacation is Here!

Hi all! If any of you have been wondering if I’ve fallen off the planet…well, no I haven’t…it’s just that summer vacation has officially been here.

As some of you know, my husband Jeff is a teacher and is on summer vacation. Jeff and I have been doing yard work. For several years now we’ve been thinking and planning and dreaming for some landscaping in our back yard that would basically include 2 birch trees and a Japanese maple, lots of flowers, and a stepping stone path to meander through it all.

Finally, we thought…why wait any longer?

So we’ve been working all hours of the day (Jeff has been working the most!). First we killed a bunch of grass, then that had to be dug out and carted to the dump to the tune of 1000 pounds of dead grass! We couldn’t believe it!

Then we found a great deal on trees at our local nursery for just $25 bucks per birch tree. Not bad after checking around and finding prices as high as $125.

And when we finished our yard (well, finished is just a word that means we are done working on it for now) we headed out to our son’s house and helped put in 3 planters. Not one, not two, but three. And we decided to put decorative gravel in his planters to keep the weeds down.

Needless to say, I haven’t been at my computer. I haven’t been doing e-mail. I haven’t been blogging…but I HAVE been writing!

How can I write in the middle of all those back-breaking work sessions from dawn to dusk, you might ask?

Just like I’ve done for years through raising kids and washing dishes and ironing clothes. I let my brain stay busy while I’m working and I brainstorm ideas, plot out plots, develop characters, and formulate outlines.

Then, when I can snatch a few moments at my computer, I write everything down and continue to move forward with my writing.

How’s your summer vacation going?


  1. Glad to hear that you and your husband are creating the garden of your dream.
    Since April, in the mist of revising my MG novel (near the end now), I’ve been digging my yard, too! Instead of one big thirsty law, I planted California natives and cut my water bill in third. Now my backyard has lots of birds (obviously loving the native plants) and a resident wild rabbit, which are keeping my old cat alert and active. When November comes, it’s time to dig up the front lawn. To learn how to properly design the front yard with native plants, I’ll be taking four workshops at the Theodore Payne Foundation ( I hope that, with passion and diligence, I’d get both the novel and the front yard finished before year-end! Yes, I’m out of my mind! Ha-ha!
    Happy planting and writing!

    • Anne, how lovely your garden grows!!! And especially with the rabbit and birds. Hoping your MG will progress, too!-Nancy

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