Posted by: nancyisanders | October 6, 2010

Periodical Challenge

Not only is the Periodical Challenge fun, it’s also an actual way to work toward advancing your writing career. It’s important to dream big and go for the gold sometimes. You never know what might happen.

The first year I took the Periodical Challenge, I decided to submit to Boy’s Life. It’s a children’s magazine I always wanted to be published in. So I took the challenge and submitted an article. It was rejected. But I learned so much through the experience.

The next year I took the Periodical Challenge, I decided to target a granddaddy of periodicals: the Smithsonian! I took the challenge, but got rejected again.

The following year I asked myself, “What’s the biggest, most prestigious goal you’d like to achieve in the periodical market?” My answer? To write a column for the Writer. I’d read this magazine since I first even considered writing. So I submitted an article to the Writer and pitched an idea to write the column. Well…guess what? They accepted my idea! I’ve been writing a column for their online magazine ever since. It’s called Writing for Children and is available for view by paid subscribers. Wahoo!

Last year when I took the Periodical Challenge, I chose Highlights as my target of my dreams. I’ve always wanted to write for them. A group of gals and writer friends came to my house and we all took the Periodical Challenge together. I submitted my article. There was a teeny nibble with back and forth communication, but it was rejected.

So this year, I’ve decided I’m gonna try it again. I’d LOVE to crack open the door and write for Highlights at least once in my life!

How about you? What’s the periodical of your dreams? Which one are you going to target as you take the Periodical Challenge this October?


  1. I, of ocourse, am targeting Club House, since, as you know, they have already asked me to do an assignment.

    I’m also studying the other periodicals guidelines from the GPCW conference.

    Thanks for all your help including your blog. I’m also reading “Yes, You Can …”

  2. Oh, and I also started a blog of my own.

  3. Hi Marlene,

    I’m so excited to know you’re joining the Periodical Challenge and that you’re having fun studying your favorite magazines! -Nancy

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