Posted by: nancyisanders | October 20, 2010

Periodical Challenge: Are You Challenged?

I hope each of you are feeling challenged this month in a funtastic way as you’re working on the Periodical Challenge!

So often we can get in a rut. I know I do. Sometimes the pages seem endless. Sometimes the publication process seems impossible. Sometimes the ideas run dry.

That’s why I like a fun challenge now and then. And each year for the past few years, the Periodical Challenge has prompted me to put aside the routine I’m currently in and dream big and go for the gold!

I must admit there is a bit of satisfaction, in the highly competitive publishing world, to just tossing all the “impossible excuses” aside and target the publisher of your dreams.

That’s why I’m excited about targeting Highlights magazine again this year. I mean, even as a kid it was one of my favorite magazines! And I’ve tried a number of times to break into getting something published, but to no avail. Each time I try, though, I feel myself getting stronger as a writer and more professional.

Maybe this year will be the year!

I hope it will be the year for you, too!


  1. Thank you for the challenge idea, Nancy. Just wanted you to know that it has got me going again on two ideas I’ve had floating around and helped me to focus and give it another try!

    • Great Laura! I’m glad you’re enjoying the challenge. :o)

  2. I must say I am thoroughly challenged and frustrated! I have a wonderful source of someone who handles animals for movies and TV.

    I would love to pitch a story or series to magazines. I am finding there are few out there that will even consider non-fiction of a nature source. I’ve gone through the top 50 magazines at Amazon and have come up with 2 possibilities. What other sources am I missing?

    • Hi Chris, I’m sorry to hear you’re so frustrated! I don’t wander over into the adult magazines that much, but have you looked at these following children’s magazines: Crinkles, National Geographic for Kids, Clubhouse, Click, Ask, Muse, Highlights, Science World, or Scholastic News? Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head, and without studying them I’m pretty sure they all take nonfiction nature submissions. Let me know!- Nancy

    • Have you looked under the topical sections for magazines in the writer’s market guides? Try those, too, and let us know if you find more options. -Nancy

  3. Nat Geo for Kids would be great, but there is absolutely no info at all for submissions. Ask and Click are either currently not taking queries or it’s not in their themes for 2011. Muse didn’t look like it carried science/animal stories.

    The two potentials I already had were Clubhouse and Boy’s Quest. I also am considering Boy’s Life. It is query only. I’ve looked at a few of their mags but I am not sure how to write the story to their focus?

    I picked up a Highlights and was surprised it had a potential, so I downloaded their guidelines. Also, got the guidelines for Crinkles as I wasn’t familiar with that publication.

    I checked into Science World which is a part of Scholastic and it looks like they only want to see teaching style books.

    • I’m so glad you’re able to look into these and find some more options! -Nancy

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