Posted by: nancyisanders | November 15, 2010


This may sound funny, but if you haven’t yet published a book, it’s important to start marketing strategies now.


Because publishers, editors, and agents want to know you have a platform. They want to know you’re dedicated about the book industry and are willing to take time to get results and help increase sales.

And if you already have a book published, it’s a given that publishers and editors (and your agent if you have one) also wants you to have established strategies to help market your book as well as yourself as an author.

A website is essential. If you don’t know html (like me) then you have the option of either hiring someone to design your blog or you can utilize a site like that gives you various formats with lots of designs so that you can use a blogging service to set up what looks like a website.

A website is different than a blog in that you don’t update the information. This is like your showcase where you are presenting yourself as an author. This basically sits there and should have information that doesn’t need to constantly be updated so you can leave it there as your virtual business card. My official website is at

It’s also important to maintain a blog. This can be low maintenance that you only update every week or so, or it can be a busy traffic area where you really connect with your target audience with all sorts of interactive stuff.

There are also avenues like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, and other virtual billboards where you shout out your news to the world about events to attend and new releases and exciting news about the publishing world from your perspective.

All these marketing venues can zap your time away from you, so if you want to manage them effectively to promote yourself as a writer, you have to manage the time you spend on them. After all, you goal is to write those manuscripts, get them published, and THEN market them for increased sales.

I tend to just sit down about once a week and spend an hour on this type of venues, updating them to post automatically in the week ahead. I’ve found the services that don’t let you schedule posts drain my time too much, so I don’t usually participate in them.

Now, this type of venue is an important marketing tool. It’s the basic in today’s highly competitive, electronic, and around-the-globe publishing industry. HOWEVER, it’s not the end all of marketing strategies. There are actually other strategies that you can do to help market your books with more concrete results.

In a future post, I’ll talk more about this.

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