Posted by: nancyisanders | November 29, 2010

Marketing: Speaker Tables

This past year I spoke at a conference near Los Angeles, CA and another conference in Philadelphia, PA. At both conferences I saw the same brand new book for sale at the speaker’s tables.

There was just one problem.

The author of that book wasn’t speaking at either conference.

This got me thinking. How did that book get sold at both conferences from East to West Coast? Obviously, there was some great marketing strategy going on here!

I only ever considered selling my own books at my own speaker’s table at the events I teach and speak at. To be honest, this is only several times a year. And I don’t plan on increasing the annual number because that’s what comfortably fits my schedule.

So I started to do some investigating. It turns out that this one author makes arrangements for other speakers to sell her book for her!

Now, this is one marketing strategy I want to explore. You make connections that generate multiple sales and gain actual exposure for your book. That’s one kind of marketing I want to invest my time in.

So, in the upcoming posts, we’ll discuss step-by-step methods to take so you can start getting speakers to sell your books at their book tables, too.

But this is just one of the marketing strategies we’ll be focusing on in the upcoming posts. So be sure to join us as we continue exploring the various types of marketing we can do for ourselves as authors and for our books!

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