Posted by: nancyisanders | December 6, 2010

Marketing: Speaker Tables

A lot of the marketing you plan to do on your own has to do with each author’s own personal preferences.

Even how much profit you want to make depends on exactly that: what YOU want to make.

Every person is different in this case. There is no right or wrong, necessarily, in this regards.

Let’s continue to talk arithmetic with this in mind.

Say you have your own speaker’s table at an event. Again, let’s say the price of your book costs $10. If you purchase the books from your publisher yourself and then plan to resell them at your own speaker’s table, you might start by buying them with your 40% author’s discount that most publishers give. On a $10 book, that would cost you $6, but again, if we add tax and shipping costs, let’s say you pay $7 per book to purchase them yourself.

If you sell your book for $10, that’s $3 profit per book. Compared to the 35 cents per book royalty you might make, that’s quite an increase.

And how many books can you sell at an event?

Well, here’s some real life examples. At two speaking events this last year, I took 20 copies of one of my books. That’s quite an impressive two-foot tall stack next to the cash register! At both events, my books sold out.

I make $2 profit if I sell that book myself. That was $40 profit per event. Then, of course, there’s sales tax and income tax.

In our next post we’ll talk about how these ballpark numbers compare if you ask another speaker to carry your books at HER speaker table. This will help you make the decision if you want to include this marketing strategy as one of your own marketing strategies.


  1. Thanks for the info. I thought I saw this blog before. Senior moment no doubt.

    • It must have been a senior moment, Jan! This was a brand new post. :o) -Nancy

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