Posted by: nancyisanders | December 22, 2010

Marketing: Nothing Out of Pocket

One of the things I want to talk about while we’re discussing marketing your published book is that it’s important to try to find ways to get actual sales of your book without spending anything out of your own pocket.

Publishers make deals all the time with various venues. They offer these venues a discount to order in bulk. Some offer a sliding scale meaning that the more books a venue orders in one batch, the bigger discount they get. That’s their incentive to order more.

As I’ve mentioned before, some of my publishers have made deals for huge batches of my books to be sold.

One time, a venue ordered 10,000 copies of my book in one order.

Another time a different venue ordered 25,000 copies of one of my books in one order.

And another time, an entirely different venue ordered 60,000 copies of a different one of my books in one order.

Of course, these are the rare, exciting orders that publishers and big corporations make, but I’ve been exploring how to arrange bulk sales like this on my own on a smaller scale. That’s what I’m doing right now. That’s why I’m posting about this on my blog right now.

These are the types of strategies we can learn to incorporate into our own marketing. If we can move from generating individual sales of our books to bulk sales of our books, it will be an effort worth making.

And for these types of deals, we shouldn’t be paying anything to the venue to carry our books. They make their own profit from resale of our books.

If we opt to pay for something, that’s more like advertising. That’s not what I’m talking about here in these posts.

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