Posted by: nancyisanders | January 12, 2011

Marketing: Organizations

During the month of December here on my blog, we were talking about various ways we can help market our books as authors.

Personally, I want to learn how to help market my books, so this is a topic I want to explore.

So I thought I’d invite you along on the journey as I’m stretching to discover new and effective methods to achieve actual sales of my books.

Before the holidays got us detoured for awhile, we were discussing the possibility of connecting with speakers to carry your book at their speaker table.

I’ve done this with one of my books and am hoping to continue doing this with more speakers and more titles.

Today I wanted to toss out to you the idea of connecting with specialty organizations whose same target audience is the same as your book.

This past year, I actually had an organization offer to sell one of my books to their members. It was a nice surprise! And when all was said and done, they ordered a batch of about 400 books from the publisher to sell.

Not bad!

This got me to thinking…how can I do this to generate some bulk sales, too?

More on this in my next post…

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