Posted by: nancyisanders | January 21, 2011

Marketing: Organizations

One thing to keep in mind as we’re contacting organizations to generate bulk sales is that some organizations are non-profit and some make a profit.

For organizations that are non-profit, it might help to chat with them about how your book can benefit its members. For instance, if a non-profit group’s goal is to organize Earth Day events each year, your book on recycling could give its members ideas on activities they could do on Earth Day.

For organizations that generate a profit, they will be interested in knowing how much profit they can make by selling your book. Once again, just like it was important to have the numbers and sales figures handy from your publisher when connecting with speakers, you’ll need that now. For more information, visit my posts from last month by following this link.

For this marketing strategy, I’m not necessarily talking about places you go to where you speak or you have your own speaker’s table.

I’m talking about connecting with organizations who will order bulk numbers of your book from your publisher (or from you if you are selling them) and then THEY sell your book to their members.

In other words, you make one contact that results in a bulk order of your books. And you don’t ever have to go there yourself. This saves time AND generates sales.

These are the types of marketing strategies we want to try to accomplish.


  1. Nancy, this is a great blog idea. Finding venues that will buy a lot of books in one shot is an ideal marketing strategy.

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