Posted by: nancyisanders | January 28, 2011

Marketing: Exposure

It can be daunting to look at the huge list of state awards and reading lists, at first glance.

But if you break it into smaller chunks, it can be very workable.

After I submitted my manuscript to the publisher on my deadline for America’s Black Founders, I knew it would take nearly a year for the manuscript to go through the process of becoming a book.

So during that year, I planned small sessions when I would sit down and go over various links to lists for awards and state reading lists. My goal of course was to win an award or be selected for a reading list, but secondary to that was exposure for marketing to increase the sales numbers of my book.

So over the months, I compiled a list of links that worked. I read about each different state reading list. I made a file of the ones my book qualified for and that interested me to submit to.

I especially noted the deadline for each one. I arranged them in order according to their deadlines so I could see at a glance which ones I needed to work on first.

I tried to enjoy this process and also kept in mind potential future books I might do this with, so I felt it was worth my time to create this master list that I could use again in the future.


  1. Hi Nancy:

    Terrific guidance and straight to the point.

    Thank you!

    Warm regards,

    • You’re welcome, Donna. I’m so glad you’re finding this information helpful! -Nancy

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