Posted by: nancyisanders | January 31, 2011

Marketing: Exposure

As I looked over the list I had compiled for state reading lists and awards, there were a number of them that required either a copy of my book or a fee, or both.

I contacted my publisher about these.

I sent them the list I had compiled. Then they met and they discussed the budget they wanted to commit to my book for this type of thing.

Then they got back to me and offered to submit my book for the reading lists and awards that they felt were important to them.

By now, I had a list left. I went over this list and created my own budget for this according to the worth I gave to each place. Then I submitted my book for these.

Whew! All in all, by the time my book came out and over its first year, it was submitted to a number of state reading lists and awards.

Now that it’s January 2011, we’ll start hearing back from places. Who knows? Maybe my book will win some of these awards or be chosen for these state reading lists.

But even if it’s not, I know it’s gotten some great exposure. And I know that will help sales.

And even though there’s no way of tracking the actual sales from this type of exposure, one thing I do know: my book has already sold enough copies that it’s sold out it’s advance. And that’s a good sign!

For the last couple of months, we’ve been chatting here on my blog about ways you can help market your book as an author. But guess what…I haven’t shared my biggest, most exciting strategy yet!!!

There is a strategy I’m starting to explore that has the potential of generating bulk sales of hundreds and even thousands of your books. How do I know? Because some of my publishers have tapped into these venues and sold batches of thousands of my books, too!

If you want to learn about this exciting secret and find out how you can implement these strategies into your own personal marketing goals, join me on
February 10, 2011
Thursday, 10:00 PST (12:00 CT) at the

Children Writers Coaching Club I’ll be teaching about
How to Market Your Published Book to Generate Bulk Sales.

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